The plasmacytoid variant of urethelial carcinoma (PUC) is a rare. A 46-year-old man was admitted to our clinic with the complaint of macroscopic hematuria. Ultrasonographic examination revealed a mass in the right side wall of the bladder.Transurethral resection pathology of the patient reported as a PUC. Pathological stage was pT1 and lymphovascular invasion, neural invasion reported as a negative. Postoperative thoraco-abdominal CT scan showed no evidence of metastasis other than localized findings in the bladder. Re-TUR patology was reported as a carsinoma in situ and urothelial proliferation of uncertain malignant potential. Whatever a residual tumor not seen in re-TUR pathology we planned cystectomy for this patient in the near future because of presence of CIS and aggressivity of this variant. Immunohistochemistry staining were compatible with plasmacytoid variant of urothelial cancer. We herein report our case of this rare variant of urothelial cancer with a review of its characteristics.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 6 (2018)
Page No.: 3873-3875
Section: Articles
DOI: https://doi.org/10.18535/ijmsci/v5i6.05

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Boga, M. S., Pınarcı, T., Yılmaz, K., Savaş, M., & Ateş, M. (2018). Plasmacytoid variant of urethelial carsinoma with positive membranous staining for E-cadherin: A rare case report. International Journal of Medical Science and Clinical invention, 5(6), 3873-3875. https://doi.org/10.18535/ijmsci/v5i6.05

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