Background: The National board of medical examination (“UKMPPD) has been implemented since August 2014 and has emerged a new challenge for medicine faculty in Indonesia in which there are 2769 “UKMPPD CBT” retakers in November 2017. It is the same challenge for Faculty of medicine, university of baiturrahmah (FMUNBRAH) where there are 82 CBT retakers in February 2018. The “UKMPPD” as a determinant of graduation should represent the process of conducting competency-based curriculum during preclinical and clinical program. Thus the GPA as a measure of student performance in conducting the curriculum is expected to correlate in  achieving the “UKMPPD CBT”.

Aims: To determine the correlation between preclinical GPA score of students with achieving the “UKMPPD CBT”. 

Methods: It was cross sectional design consisting subject of 749 students who joined “UKMPPD CBT” as firstaker since November 2014-February 2018. Data obtained were preclinical GPA and the results of “UKMPPD CBT”. GPA data was grouped into three categories with satisfying, very satifying, and cum laude predicate. The results of “UKMPPD CBT” were grouped by achieving and not achieving. Furthermore, the data was analyzed using Sommers'd correlation test.

Results: The median value of preclinical GPA were 3.00 (2.35-3.76). There is a weak negative correlation between preclinical GPA with achieving of “UKMPPD CBT” (p <0.001; value r = -0.221).

Conclusion: There is a weak negative correlation between GPA with the accomplishement of UKMPPD CBT. This result can provide feedback to institutional managers regarding the process of implementing the curriculum based competency.