Published: 2019-02-28

Clinical and microbiological periodontal aspects of treatment HIV patients

Nathale Cruz Batista, Juliane Maria da Silva Rodrigues, Camila Possal de Paula, Vinicius Chaves Pedrosa, Gabriela Alessandra da Cruz Galhardo Cam, Raissa Martins Mendes

Pages No. 4283-4287

Abstract 492  | PDF 235  DOI

Sarpogrelate and atorvastatin synergistically ameliorate hyperlipidemia-induced aortic damage in LDL receptor deficient (LDL-R⁻/⁻) mice

Zhipeng Zhang, Fan Yang, Rongmei Na, Hongyang Liu, Zuowei Pei

Pages No. 4288-4293

Abstract 366  | PDF 126  DOI

Improved brain function in an adult case of Intellectual Disability with Autism Spectrum Disorder following Cell Therapy

Dr. Alok Sharma, Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran, Ritu Varghese, Dr. Hemangi Sane, Dr. Vishal Ganar, Pooja Kulkarni, Samson Nivins, Dr. Prerna Badhe

Pages No. 4294-4301

Abstract 289  | PDF 133  DOI

Shared decision making in 21st century health care – best practices

L. Michelle Leyd, Eric R. Carlson

Pages No. 4302-4307

Abstract 289  | PDF 125  DOI

The Effect of antibiotic stewardship targeted against vancomycin and carbapenems on antibiotic usage in PICU

Farzaneh Mohammadi, Gholamreza Khademi, Monavar Afzalaghaee

Pages No. 4308-4312

Abstract 324  | PDF 120  DOI

The Relapse rate in patients with actinic keratosis treated with diclofenac sodium 3% gel

Janowska Agata, Dini Valentina, Oranges Teresa, Colombo Giorgio, Bruno Giacomo, Di Matteo Sergio, Romanelli Marco

Pages No. 4313-4317

Abstract 259  | PDF 111  DOI

Can a Multi-modal Communication Program Enhance Empathy and Doctor-Patient Social Interactions?; Results of a Pilot Training Study of Russian Medical Students

Zakharova EA, Inklebarger J, Bogomolova ES, Roberts A

Pages No. 4318-4321

Abstract 305  | PDF 141  DOI

Factors Related To Contraceptive Selection of Iud On Mothers Who Are Family Planning Acceptors In Pantoloan Community Health Center Areas Palu City

Rosmala Nur, Harfiani Saputri, Abd. Rahman, Diah Ayu Hartini, Ummu Aiman, Sendhy Krisnasari, Rahma Dwi Larasati, Pitriani .

Pages No. 4322-4326

Abstract 316  | PDF 122  DOI

Genes Expression in Type 1 Diabetes: An Update

Dr. Kishore Kumar Soni, Dr. Sushil Singh

Pages No. 4327-4331

Abstract 221  | PDF 120  DOI

Magnitude and associated factors of Perioperative hypothermia in patients who underwent Elective surgery at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mulualem S. Fekede, Wosenyeleh A. Sahile

Pages No. 4332-4336

Abstract 380  | PDF 127  DOI

Neuroregenerative Rehabilitation Therapy with long-term Lithium in a Male Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patient: A Case Report.

Alok Sharma, Hemangi Sane, Radhika Pradhan, Amruta Paranjape, Nandini Gokulchandran, Jasbinder Kaur, Rohit Das, Prerna Badhe

Pages No. 4337-4344

Abstract 315  | PDF 121  DOI

Mobbing Syndrome amongst Nursing Staff in Pediatric Departments of a Hospital in Thessaloniki

M. Lera, Tachtsoglou k., Iliadis Ch., Frantzana A., Kourkouta L.

Pages No. 4345-4353

Abstract 231  | PDF 139  DOI