Published: 2017-04-01

Pregnancy-Related Hormonal Influences on the Musculoskeletal System, Lumbo-Pelvic Structures and Peripheral Joints: Some Practical Considerations for Manual Therapists

Inklebarger J , Galanis N , Michael J4 , Gyer G

Abstract 227  | PDF 97  DOI

Outcomes of Diabetic Foot Patients Following Peripheral Vascular Bypass Surgery

Amit Kumar C Jain , Subramanyam SG , Viswanath S

Abstract 191  | PDF 100  DOI

Profile of utero-cervical lesions in peri- & post-menopausal women in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand: An Institutional study

Ajay Pratap , Usha Joshi*, N. Thapliyal, Prabhat Pant

Abstract 131  | PDF 60  DOI

Acute Presentation of Ovarian Fibroma as a Pelvic Abscess – Case Report

jurij Janez, Klemen Mihelcic

Abstract 99  | PDF 54  DOI

Maternal and neonatal outcoms of placenta previa at a Tertiary Maternity Hospital Ahvaz, Islamic Republic of Iran

Cheraghi Fatemeh ,, Saadati Najmeh ,, Nazari Zakieh

Abstract 139  | PDF 63  DOI

Serum LDH Level Estimation: an Adjunct in Screening, Diagnosis and Prognosis of Oscc.

Dr. Sailesh Kumar Mukul Dr. Sweta ,Dr. Amit Kumar ,Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Mokhtar ,, Dr. Shweta pandey , Dr. Siddharth Singh

Abstract 233  | PDF 66  DOI

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis among blood donors in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in South India

Saraswathi R1*, Anupriya A , Lalithambigai J , Prabhusaran N, Velayutharaj A2 , Uma A

Abstract 201  | PDF 86  DOI

Internal Resorption: A Review

Dr. Vikas Swami ,Dr. Arundeep Singh ,Dr. Dax Abraham , Dr. Ravjot Ahuja

Abstract 152  | PDF 329  DOI

Diagnostic dilemma in temporomandibular joint tuberculosis: A case report

Dr. Sailesh Kumar Mukul ,Dr. Amit Kumar ,Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Mokhtar ,Dr. Shweta Pandey , Dr. Siddharth Singh

Abstract 202  | PDF 54  DOI

Chronic Ileus caused by Stercoral Megacolon

Rifatbegović Z. , Mehmedagić I.

Abstract 188  | PDF 54  DOI

Qualitative and Quantitative phytochemical Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of “Retama” Extract Grown in Zliten Libya

Khalifa A. Alfalluos, Hanan Soheal Alna de, Wesam A. Kollab, FouzyAlafid, Salem Mohamed Edrah*

Abstract 182  | PDF 240  DOI

Aggressive Plexiform Ameloblastoma in a Young Girl: A Case Report

Dr. S. Kumar Mukul ,Dr. A. Kumar ,Dr. E. Ahmad Mokhtar ,Dr. S. Pandey , Dr. S. Singh

Abstract 194  | PDF 50  DOI

Role of Pan-Endoscopy in Diagnosis of Abdominal Tuberculosis in Hiv Negative Adult Patients: A Hospital Based Study From North Eastern India

Dr. Kamal Chetri# ; Dr. K.G. Lynrah+ ; Dr. Masaraf Hussain ++; Dr. Arijit Das@ ; Dr Danny Hek@ ; Dr Rintu Barman@ ;, Dr M.S. Rupsi@ ; Dr. C. Daniala* ; Dr. Akash Handique**; Dr. Vandana Raphael ; Dr. Yookarin Khonglah

Abstract 166  | PDF 69  DOI