IJMSCI Volume 1 Issue 4 [June 2014]

Letter To Editor

Title : Epilepsy awareness through “Ek Naya Din” show: Study on 2453 subjects

Authors : Mishra V N


Research , Review Article And Case Study

Title : Assessment of Zero’ dose of Polio Vaccine and Factors Influencing Coverage of Zero Polio Dose in India

Author : Dr. Samadhan Prakashrao Debaje


Title : Incidental autopsy finding of Renal Cell Carcinoma in a young prisoner-A case report

Authors : * Dr G Sudhakar1 , Dr.R.Sasank 2 , Dr M Sai sudha3 , Dr G Jigeesha, Dr G Divyalekha


Title : A unique case of skip metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Authors : 1Lakshminarayanan Mekala, 2Krishnappa Rashmi, 3Honnappa Sridhar, 4Shetty Prasanna, 5Nagaraj Suneetha


Title : Carcinoma Glottis with Isolated Pelvic Bone Metastasis

Authors : Mohsin Khan


Title : Efficacy of Arthrocentesis in Temporomandibular Joint Pain Disorders

Authors : Choudhary Azad Khan,1 Sahoo Nanda K,2 Chattopadhyay P K3


Title : Acute monoblastic leukemia as the rare presentation of AML with Myelodysplasia Related Changes (MRC)

Authors : 1Nagaraj Suneetha. 2Krishnappa Rashmi 3Honnappa Sridhar 4Alva Nanda Kishore 5Lakshminarayanan


Title : A Comparative Study of Heart Rate Variability in Young Adult Indian Males and Females

Authors : 1Sanhita Walawalkar*


Title : Effectiveness of Intervention on Knowledge of Anaemia Among School Going Adolescent Girls In a Village of West Bengal.

Authors : Dr.Nabarun Karmakar*, Dr.Saugat Banerjee, Dr.Sulagna Das, Dr.Amiya Das.


Title : Complex Murder: A Forensic Dilemma

Authors : Dr. Aman Deep Kaur1, Dr. Pawan Mittal2


Title : An unusual presentation of Jugulotympanic Paraganglioma –a rare case report

Author : Dr.Nagarekha Kulkarni












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