IJMSCI Volume 1 Issue 10 [December 2014]

Title : Role Of Experimental & Analytical Research In Validation For Ayurvedic Formulation

Authors : Dr. Anshuman Rajnala1, Dr. Rudramma Hiremath2, Mr. Ajit Lingayat3

Title : The Most Recent Hazards Of Phthalates That Threaten Food Safety And Human Health

Authors : Prof magdy moheb-eldien saad

Title : A Literary Review Of Cosmetological Aspects Explained In Brihatrayee And Nighantus Of Ayurveda

Authors : Dr.Nalinikanta Parida1, Dr.Vijayant Shukla2, Dr.Shradha U. Nayak3, Dr. Satej T.Banne4

Title : Role of Vrushya Drugs on Cervical Mucus in the Management of Infertility

Authors : Dr.Uma Shetti1, Dr.Sukumar Nandigoudar2

Title : Exothermic Reaction For Veerya Analysisof Rakta Punarnava(Boerhaviadiffusa Linn.) - An Experimental Study

Authors : Dr.MahantkumarNaik P1, Dr. Shraddha.U.Nayak2 

Title : The Risk Of Several  Fungi  Associated With Bird Waste

Authors : Zaidan Kalaif Imran1  ,  Rusul Issam Ali2

Title : Virulence Compartment between Clinical and Environmental Candida Albicans Isolates

Authors : Zaidan  Khlaif   Imran1, Zahra Abd Al-Karrem2 

Title : How Relevant Are Social Factors In Tuberculosis? A Study  In A  DOTS Centre Of A Kolkata Slum

Authors : Dr.Sukesh Das1, DrAparajita Dasgupta2, Dr Shuvankar Mukherjee3 

Title : Schaumann Bodies In Tuberculous Granulomas: A Case Report

Authors : Dr. Shagufta Roohi 3, Dr. Vijaykumar L Pattankar2, Dr. Mandakini B Tengli3

Title : Study Of “Histopathological Pattern Of Endometrium In Abnormal Uterine Bleeding In The Age Group 40-60 Years” –A Study Of 500 Cases

Authors : Dr. Junu Devi1, Dr. Naima Aziz2 

Title : Navajata Shishu Paricharya (Neonatal Care) In  Ayurveda

Authors : Dr.Anand Jain1, Dr.Aziz Arbar2

Title : Unusual Non-Communicating Isolated Enteric Duplication Cysts

Authors : Maheshwari M. K.1, Jain Atul 2, Awasthi R.C.3 ,Agarwal Jitendra3,Prasad Akshay2,Marwah Karan2 

Title : Gender Power Relationship In The Discourse Of Jaarsummaa, A Traditional Dispute Mediation Among Arsi Oromo Of Ethiopia.

Authors : Alemu Disassa Mulleta (PhD) 



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