IJMSCI Volume 2 Issue 3 [March 2015]

Title : Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome: Prevalence In South Indian Population

Authors : Vijayalakshmi V 1, Savithri Desai 2, Prasanna N 2, Sreelakshmi G3 

Paper Index:  03.2015-67295878

Title : Obstetric Icu Admissions – A Clinical Audit

Authors : Dr.kaliki Hymavathi Reddy1;Dr.Swetha Muduy2;Dr.Pallavi.s3;Dr.VamsiKrishnaSumanDasari4

Paper Index:  03.2015-55643743

Title : Microbiological Profile Of Adenoid Core In Children With Chronic Adenotonsillitis With And Without Chronic Otitis Media- A Comparative Study

Authors : Tom Koshy Johns1, Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam2, Vidya Pai3 

Paper Index:  03.2015-94188669

Title : Management Of Unruptured Ectopic Pregnancy By Single Dose Methotrexate

Authors : Dr.K.S.Raja Kumari 

Paper Index:  03.2015-76687224

Title : Study Of Correlation Of Serum Magnesium Levels With Autonomic Nervous System In Premenstrual Syndrome

Authors : Aruna Devisetty1, Chandrakala Kambar2, Hanumanth N3

Paper Index: 03.2015-39519725

Title : Comparison Of Anti-Inflammatory Effect Of Withania Somnifera(Ashwagandha) With Tinospora Cordifolia (Guduchi) In Male Albino Wistar Rats.

Authors : Dr Jagadeesh P1 ,Dr Supriya Priyambada2,Dr Veera Shekhar M3, Mr Hanumanth N4 

Paper Index: 03.2015-91715526

Title : Nutritional Status Of Under Three Children In South India - A Cross Sectional Study

Authors : Dr Kalyan Chakravarthy B1, Dr Shashi J Soans2, Hanumanth N3

Paper Index: 03.2015-12282436



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