IJMSCI Volume 2 Issue 4 [April 2015]

Title : Targeting 100% Survival In Toxicology Cases

Authors : Dr.Virendra Kr.Goyal1, Dr.Radhey Shyam Gupta2, Md,Dr. Pramod  Sarwa2 

Paper Index:  04.2015-79625972

Title : Identification And Characterization Of The Phenolic Profile Of A Hydroalcoholic Extract Of Punica Granatum.

Authors : 1Peixoto, A. G.; 1Vieira, T. O.; 1Melo, B. T. A.; 1,3Nascimento, C. C. H. C.; 2Azevedo, L. A. C.; 4Camacho, A. C. L. F.; 3Oliveira, J. F. F.; 5Gomes, M. L.; 6Barros Neto, L. C. de; 3Nascimento, S. F.; 8Nogueira, R. I.; 1, 3, 7Barreto, A. S.; *1,3Diré, G. F. 

Paper Index:  04.2015-54514132

Title : The Referral System In Health Care  In Kashmir Basis For Effective Health Care

Authors : Muneer Bhat 1, Ashfaq ul Hassan2, Roshan Muneer 3 

Paper Index:  04.2015-84292741

Title : Histopathological Bodies Aiding In Microscopic Studies

Authors : Dr. Ashfaq Ul Hassan1, Dr Shifan Khandey2, Dr. Zahida Rasool3, Dr Muneeb Ul Hassan4, Prof. Ghulam Hassan5

Paper Index:  04.2015-25869913

Title : To Study Modifiable Lifestyle Variables And Health Care Seeking Behaviour Amongst Overweight And Obese Children Of Age Group 6 To 18 Years - A Hospital Based Study

Authors : Dr. Sidhant kapila1, Dr. S. P. Goyal 2, Dr. Ashish Prakash, Dr. V. K. Goyal4, Dr. Ajay Punj5

Paper Index:  04.2015-41267143

Title : Dietary Practices During Menstruation Among Unmarried Girls In Chandigarh

Authors : Dr. Dinesh Kumar1, Dr. N.K.Goel2 ,Dr. Sonia Puri3, Dr. Nancy Gupta4*

Paper Index:  04.2015-26566887

Title : Leiomyosarcoma Of The Intestine With Osseous Differentiation- A Rare Presentation

Authors : Kafil Akhtar1, Anjum Ara2, Prasenjit S Ray3, Rana K Sherwani4 

Paper Index:  04.2015-19584356

Title : Trends In Pediatric Neoplasms Around Western Uttar Pradesh- A Study

Authors : Kafil Akhtar1, Mahboob Hasan2, Shagufta Qadri3,Rana K Sherwani4 

Paper Index:  04.2015-68211194

Title : Microanatomical Characteristics of the Buffalo (Bos Bubalis L.) Uterine Tube: Stereomicroscopic and Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies

Authors : Amr Helal1,  Mohammed Aly1, Hamed Nosseur1 , Mohammed Aref1, Wael AM Ghonimi2*

Paper Index:  04.2015-52898148



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