IJMSCI Volume 2 Issue 5 [May 2015]

Title : Effectiveness Of Supplementary Probiotics In Initial Cure Rate And Prevention Of Recurrence Of Bacterial Vaginosis After Vaginal Clindamycin  Therapy

Authors : Aparna Khan1, Arindam Ghosh2, Debobroto Roy3, Suparna Dhara4, Tapan Gangopadhyay5

Paper Index:  05.2015-64988227

Title : Survey Of Common Gut Parasites Of Goat Slaughtered At Ankpa Abattoir, Kogi State, Nigeria, Implication For Public Health

Authors : Odikamnoro, O. O. 1**, Uhuo, C.A. 1, Nwoke, E.U. 1, Daniel, L.E.1, Ebiriekwe S. C.2 , Elom, M. O. 3

Paper Index:  06.2015-95472269



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