IJMSCI Volume 2 Issue 6 [June 2015]

Title : Estimation Of Occupational Accident Rate Using Raking Ratio Method

Authors : Young Sun Kim 1, Kyung Yong Rhee 2 

Paper Index:  06.2015-95726789

Title : Effect Of Seeding Rate On Grain Yield And Some Agronomic Characteristics Of Rapeseed In Spring Planting In Dryland Conditions

Authors : Masoud Eskandari Torbaghan1 ,  Mehrnoush Eskandari Torbaghan2

Paper Index:  06.2015-79519867

Title : Effect Of Ultrasound With Splinting And Splinting Alone For Carpaltunnel Syndrome

Authors : Mrs. Nourah Ali Al-Muhanna1, Mr. Sharick Shamsi2 

Paper Index:  06.2015-92865471

Title : Septorhinoplasty Under Local Anesthesia

Authors : George L. Murrell

Paper Index:  06.2015-28995611

Title : Acute Idiopathic Cold Antibody Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) ---An Unusual Medical Emergency

Authors : Sourya Acharya 1, Samarth Shukla 2, Vipul Malpani 3, Kriti Gupta 4 

Paper Index:  06.2015-97374159

Title : Neuro Psychiatric Manifestation Of “Malaria

Authors : Dr.Samyak  Jain1, Dr. V.K. Goel2, Dr. S.P.Goel3, Dr. Sidhant Kapila4

Paper Index:  06.2015-29471624

Title : The Regional Medical Welfare Factor Relating With The Death Rate Year-To-Year Percentage Change

Authors : Kazuya Ikenishi 

Paper Index:  06.2015-86478771

Title : Histogenesis Of Pancreatic Acini In 50 Human Fetuses

Authors : Dr. Ramani T.V,*Dr. D.Susheelamma**, Dr S. Saritha***,Dr. D.Nagajyothi* 

Paper Index:  06.2015-34917986

Title : Secondary Rhinoplasty In The Asian Patient

Authors : George L. Murrell, MD 

Paper Index:  06.2015-42711286

Title : Can Vitamin D Supplementation Help In The Treatment Of Metabolic Syndrome? An Experience At A Tertiary Level Hospital In Mumbai

Authors : Dr. Sangeetapednekar MBBS, MD, Dr. Bhushandeore MBBS2, Dr. Dharmendrapandey MBBS, MD3, Dr. N.D. Moulick MBBS, MD4

Paper Index:  06.2015-32814148

Title : A Clinical Study Of Amritadi Kashayaand Ardhamatrika Basti In The Management Ofvata-Raktaw.S.R. Gout.

Authors : VishwajeetManjhi1, Priyanka Rani2, AlokKumar Srivastava3, K K Sharma4, Gyanendra Datta Shukla5, Rachana Gupta6 

Paper Index:  06.2015-18231858

Title : Clinical Evaluation Of Psychiatric Emergencies

Authors : Dr. Samyak Jain1, Dr. S.P.Goel2, Dr.V.K.Goel3, Dr. Sidhant Kapila4

Paper Index:  06.2015-63642987

Title : Cadaveric Study of Morphological Variations in the human liver and its Clinical importance

Authors : Dr.S.Saritha*, Dr. Ramani** Dr. Nagajyothi **Dr. Yesender***

Paper Index:  06.2015-68378176

Title : ICH/IVH  A Consequence Of Non Oliguric Hyperkalemia With  Hypoglycemia In A Late Preterm With Perinatal  Asphyxia: A Case Report

Authors : C. Rohit kiran1, Sudhanshu kumar Das2,S. Udayakanth3, M. Amarendra4

Paper Index:  06.2015-49154759

Title : Carcinasarcoma Of Kidney- A Case Report

Authors : Dr.V.Srinivas Kumar  M. D (Pathology)1, Dr G Sudhakar  M. D(Pathology)2

Paper Index:  06.2015-54396623

Title : Impact Of Maternal Cardiac Disease On Pregnancy Outcome & To Study Predictors Of Cardiac Events

Authors : Dr. Mangala C. Rajput1,Dr.Uday Rajput2,Dr. Sujata Gandhare3,Dr.Anu Jain4

Paper Index:  06.2015-18442125

Title : Studies On Dissolution Rate Enhancement Of Etodolac In Solid Dispersions By  Beta Cyclodextrin Complexes

Authors : Rohini Pilli*,Sdvskiran Kadali1., M.V.Nagabhushanam2

Paper Index:  06.2015-65553168

Title : Carcinoma Cervix With Brain Metastasis: Report Of Two Cases And Review Of Literature

Authors : Chaitali Bose1, Diptirani Samanta2, Sulagna Mohanty3, Saumyaranjan Mishra3, Surendra Nath Senapati4

Paper Index:  06.2015-66826558

Title : Hepatocellular Carcinoma Presenting As Right Heart Failure – An Uncommon Presentation

Authors : Dr. N.L.N.Moorthy1, Dr. B.Sumithra2, Dr. D.Mahesh Chander3

Paper Index:  06.2015-34776186

Title : Perforated Jejunal Diverticulum- A Rare Case Report

Authors : Dr P.K. Goyal1, Dr Pardeep Chitara2, Dr Sandeep Beniwal3, Dr Anuj Dumra4

Paper Index:  06.2015-97977934

Title : Assessment Of Awareness, Knowledge And Methods Of Application Of Pharmacovigilance Among Internees And Postgraduates In A Government Hospital.

Authors : Dr.RadhikaRani.K.C1, Dr.Hemanth.G.V2, Dr.Vasundara devi.B3, Dr.Sadana.A4, Dr.G.Prameela5

Paper Index:  06.2015-11467141

Title : The Study of Nature of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution and its Contribution for Justice, Freedom, Empowerment of Women’s and Depressed Strata

Authors : Godbole  Mahendra Tukaram

Paper Index:  07.2015-36739227



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