Title : Burnout in Academics: An Empirical Study in Private Universities in Malaysia

Authors : Won-Sun Chen1, Jamaiyah Haniff2, Ching-Sin Siau3, Wymen Seet2, Sit-Fong Loh4, Mohd Hadzrul Abd Jamil5, Nadiah Sa’at2, & Nurakmal Baharum6


Title : Perception Regarding Conversion and Social Change Among Scheduled Tribes

Authors : Dr. N.R. Savatikar


Title : Social Media In E-Governance And Political Participation In Enugu State, Nigeria

Authors : Anyadike Dominic O.1, Ebeze Uche Victor  Lecturer2, Odoemelam Chinedu Christian


Title : Reproductive Health Problems of Women in Rural Areas

Author : Dr. Chandrashekhar B.


Title : Investigating equipments for aggravating punishment in the new Islamic punitive law

Authors : Saeid Gohari


Title : Vocational Education and Career Advancement

Authors : Dr. (Smt) Nalini V. Bengeri










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