Title : Extension of the Vase Life and Longevity of Carnation Cut Flowers Treatment with Bactericides and Sucrose 

Authors : Mahmoud, I.Yagi1, Mohy eldeen, N.E.Elgemaby2

Title : Inclusive Adjudication Mechanism for Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace 

Authors : Avinash Singh

Title : Globalization and Paradoxical Position Of Africa In The World Economy  

Authors : Igbokwe-Ibeto Chinyeaka Justine1, Osawe Cyril2, Alegbelleye Godwin3 

Title : Service Quality Delivery In The Nigerian Fast Food Industry- A Re-Examination Of Current Practices

Authors : Fakokunde, Tolutope Olubamiji1, Iwarere, Henry Taiwo2, Mustapha, Adeniyi Mudashiru3 

Title : Humanising Leadership- The Effect Of Business Soft Skills On Service Delivery In The Hospitality Industry In Harare, Zimbabwe

Authors : Dr Tawaziwa Wushe[1],Jacob Shenje2,Dingiswayo Ndlovu3

Title : Politics of Kashmir Issue

Authors : Farooq Ahmad Malik1, Bilal Ahmad malik2

Title : Indian Education Vs. Foreign Education

Authors : Mr.Anand Upadhyay1, Ms.Sucheta.S.Naik2, Mr.Sachin Kambli3 

Title : Jodha: A Reality Or A Fable

Authors : Dr.Satendra Kumar Mishra1, Ms.Shambhavi Tiwari2 

Title : An Analysis Of Shona Conceptions Of Conflict In Zimbabwe

Authors :  Norman Chivasa[1], Phillipa Mutswanga[2]

Title : A Relook At The Usefulness Of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) In Counselling:  A Case Of Zimbabwe Open University Master Of Science Students.

Authors :  Phillipa Mutswanga1, Tom Tom2 ,Godfrey Tsvuura3 

Title : A Critical Examination Of The Governance Of Open And Distance Learning (Odl) In Zimbabwean Universities In Preparing People Who Are D/Deaf For Sustainable Livelihoods.

Authors :  Phillipa Mutswanga

Title : Influence Of Rural Environment On The Girl-Child’s Effective Study Of Biology In Ukum Local Government Area Of Benue State

Authors : Ogbeba, Josiah Phd1, Otor Emmanuel Phd2 , Iorkyaa, Shirley3 

Title : A Tourism Life Cycle Model: Polish Female Entrepreneurial Firms

Authors : Alina M. Zapalska 

Title : Ukrainian Crisis In The Eastern Region And Moscow-Washington’s Bid For New Allies And Political Rapprochement: A Neo-Cold War Era Or A Gradual Move To Third World War?

Authors : Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim1, Abdullahi Nuhu Liman2 , Kabir Mato3



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