This research deals with the attitude of the Sects’ kings towards the Almoravid movement and their state in the land of Al-Adwah - “Far Morocco”. While dealing with the critical political, social and military conditions of Andalusia and what it was suffering from internal dissensions, partitions and feuds, it also focuses on the disputes between the kings of the sects- “Moulook At-Tawaef”- alongside the loss of security as a result of the recurring attacks by the Christians. At a time when Andalusia was passing through this situation, the Far Moroccan region was witnessing the emergence of a religious movement; called, Al-Morabeteen ‘the Almoravids’, which was able to establish a vibrant and a strong state in Far Morocco. This state reached its peak during the era of the Muslim Prince, Yusuf Ibn Tashfin.

As a result of the internal conflicts between the Sects’ kings; these kings, people and the Fogaha’-the religious men-, sought the help of the Almoravids. However, the relationship between Yusuf Ibn Tashfin and the kings of the sects- “Moulook At-Tawaef”- worsened, which ended with the elimination of the kings of the sects- “Moulook At-Tawaef”- and the Almoravids taking control over Andalusia.