Death Penalty has been practiced since human beings decided to constitute nations and live in countries. It was institutionalized to get rid of people who were supposed to be harmful to societies. However, proponents of Capital Punishment do not seem to understand that people may be executed because of their evil acts, but their death will never wipe evil out of their societies.

Since the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by a very large majority of countries in the world, the legality and legitimacy of Death Penalty have been constantly questioned by human rights defenders. Even the three major and revealed religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam recognize that life is a sacred right from God. For the people who are against Death Penalty, Capital Punishment is akin to a premeditated voluntary homicide by a government.

Even if Death Penalty is considered as a deterrent in many societies, it has never been proven that it can stop people from committing murders. The abolition of Death Penalty is nowadays a moral duty for all governments. Even a moratorium is proposed to countries which have not abolished it yet. The tendency today is the total abolition of Capital Punishment in the world and its restoration by countries that have already abolished it is something unheard of, retrograde and senseless.