Leadership, as a social phenomenon, has emerged in any society regardless of geography, culture and nationality. Antique China and Greek philosophers were respected as leaders whose advices were valuable and famous authors like Homer and Machiavelli authenticated leaders’ smart and masterly strategies. As for today’s globalworld, leaders have to display various roles in order to cope with the changing external and internal environments and direct their followers by focusing on general and strategic problems so as to create a vision that will shape the future. Developing strategies and creating a clear vision is not only a need for the organizations, but also a crucial need for the nations to have peaceful and safe ties and connections in terms of international relations. In this sense, the president of South Korea Moon Jae In, seem to displayvisionary and strategic leadership roles, in the context of his being the first South Korean leader that have melted the ice between North Korea since the Korean War. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the leadership traits of Moon Jae In, in the frame of visionary and strategic leadership styles. With this purpose a literature review has been performed in the context of leadership styles, the personal and political lives of Moon Jae In have been researched and the leadership traits of South Korean leader have tried to be examined in order to prove that he carries strategic and visionary leadership traits. According to the evaluations, Moon Jae In carries almost all characteristics of both strategic and visionary leadership styles.