The epidemic of asthma has become one of the most critical public health threats within the state of Mississippi.  In Mississippi, the most current prevalence of adult asthma is 12.0% for lifetime asthma and 8.6% for current asthma.  Among African-Americans, the adult population represents the leading rates in overall asthma burden, with the highest percent of adult lifetime asthma being 14.6% and current asthma being 11.0%.  This study asserts that a mandate to systematically and consistently report newly diagnosed cases of asthma among minority-underserved communities can provide a pathway to decrease this asthma disparity, effective treatment, and healthier lives.  Based upon the findings, the participants, overall, agree that asthma disproportionately occurs among minority-underserved communities; and, mandated systematic and consistent reporting should be implemented.  Additionally, these actions can lead to a decrease in this asthma disparity, an implementation of targeted public policies, effective treatment and a pathway to healthier lives.