Reading skill is an important skill in Kadazandusun language to enable pupils to follow and master the teaching and learning in the classroom. However, the findings from previous studies show that most pupils in primary schools have yet to master the basic skills of reading in the pronunciation aspect. Therefore, this study has to be carried out to study the effectiveness of ‘Sinding Pimato’ software application on the reading achievement of the Year One pupils. This study is a quasi-experimental study. The quantitative approach is used together with pre and post-test instruments. A total of 30 Year One pupils in a school at Tambunan District have become the sample for this study. The sample of the study was divided into two groups, namely the experimental group taught using ‘Sinding Pimato’ software and the control group taught by Chalk and Talk method. The findings show that there is a significant difference in the achievement of reading between the experimental group and the control group. The findings of this study show that the application of ‘Sinding Pimato’ learning software is effective in helping to improve the achievement of reading for the Year One pupils. In conclusion, the ‘Sinding Pimato’ software has an effective effect as a learning tool for Kadazandusun Language. The implication of the study shows that the ‘Sinding Pimato’ software is useful to improve the quality of teaching and learning Kadazandusun language curriculum.