The purpose of this study was to describe the various characters found in Ande-ande Lumut's tale. The method used is qualitative descriptive method. Researchers act as instruments as well as data collectors. The source of this research data is the fairy tale of Ande-ande Lumut. The data of this study are related to four things including character education in the form of quotations containing narrative exposures that represent: (1) intrinsic elements, (2) the scope of character education, (3) the elements used by the author to convey character education, and (4) Javanese character character education patterns. Data collection techniques are carried out by researchers. The process of data analysis begins with reviewing all data available from various sources, reducing data, predicting the need for new data collection due to data clutter when linked to the entire range of problems, and compiling in units determined in the data classification. Next, check the validity of the data and interpret the data. The results of this study are the discovery of seven values ​​of character education namely honesty, work, hard, independent, have a high curiosity, have a sense of friendship and communicative, and love peace.