The toothpaste market is a highly competitive platform where various competitors are trying their best to grab the market share. Therefore Brand Equity is something every marketer in the Toothpaste market is trying to enhance. Brand Equity can be affected by many aspects in the industry, in this research it has been measured how the Country of Origin impacts on the Brand Equity. A variety of literature was gathered in order to identify the specific sub components of Brand Equity. As this is a pioneering study on this subject the conceptual framework employed has been specially developed for the purpose of this study, and has been devised based on several empirical studies. The primary data was gathered using a well-structured questionnaire. The sample comprised of 150 respondents from the Jaffna customers. The data analysis was carried out using SPSS 20. The findings concluded that there is a positive association between Country of Origin and Brand Equity of Toothpaste purchasing In Sri Lankan Market. Apart from that it was found out that there was no influence of the Gender for the Country of Origin effects on toothpaste brands. Nevertheless, there was an influence on the Brand Equity by the Gender of the toothpaste users.