Based on the needs analysis conducted in Banyuwangi district, metacognition skills are less empowered by students in learning. One of learning model combined and potentially empowering metacognition skills is the RDSE learning model (Reading, Discussing, Searching, and Experimenting). The purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness of RDSE learning model on metacognition skills. The RDSE learning model consists of four stages: 1) Reading, 2) Discussing, 3) Searching, and 4) Experimenting is expected to empower metacognition skills. The population of this study was the tenth grade students of State Senior High School Muncar Banyuwangi in the 2016/2017 academic year. The metacognition skill was measured through metacognitive awareness inventory (MAI). Data analysis was used quantitative descriptive. The data were analyzed by using Normalized gain (g). The results show that RDSE learning model can empowering metacognition skill. The effective RDSE learning model empowering metacognition skills value Normalized gain (g) 0,72 (high).