This study aims to analyze the influence of advocate's competence on advocate performance partially, organizational commitment of advocate to partial advocate performance, motivation of advocate work on partial advocate performance, and advocate competence, organizational commitment of advocate and motivation of advocate work simultaneously. The population of this research is Law Firm that exist in all Jabodetabek area. While the sample is 25 percent of the existing Law Firm, then obtained 123 Law Firms. In general, there are 2 divisions of Legal Firm namely division of litigation and non litigation division. Thus obtained the number of units observed are as follows: 2 x 123 = 246 units. Quantitative analysis method using multiple linear regression analysis, followed by determination analysis (R Square), partial hypothesis testing (t test) and simultaneous (F test) with alpha 5 percent (0,05). Prior to further analysis, data quality and classical assumption test were conducted. Analytical tool using SPSS version 23.0 for windows. The result of the research shows that the competence of advocate has an effect on the performance of advocate partially, the organizational commitment of the advocate has an effect on the performance of the advocate partially, the advocate's work motivation has an effect on the advocate's performance, and the advocate's competence, organizational commitment and motivation of advocate influence on the advocate's performance simultaneously at the advocate's office Law Firm in Jabodetabek.