Reading denotes an activity involving methodical, cognitive, and psychological aspects. It is not only seen as an endeavour to comprehend reading material, but also construed as the involvement of emotion, feeling, and reading experience. Carried out in such procedure, reading material, along with its knowledge and value aspects, will be more easily comprehensible. Efferent-aesthetic is one of reading methods. In this method, reading skill operative is silent reading, shared reading, open-ended question, and writing response to the reading material, which operates knowledge and feeling or experience. The material provided in the method includes texts, open-ended test item, chart, and writing response. From the analysis on establishing connection, it is comprehensible (1) that students can understand the connection of efferent through aesthetic connection and represent aesthetic connection with efferent connection, (2) that students need to receive stimulus in the form of questions, story, or explanation in order to lead them to efferent and aesthetic connection, (3) that students‟ experience from their environment and their point of view influences the response of aesthetic connection, (4) that students can have more liberty in story telling based on picture inasmuch as they have prepared themselves to deal with verbal question and comments in probing efferent and aesthetic, (5) that the procedure of efferent and aesthetic connection can be carried out by integrating other language skills, such as writing or speaking, (6) that visualization intensely helps students and teachers to come to shared perception, and (7) that media and visualization are proven beneficial in sequencing the process or understanding the concept, which elaborates process or procedure in science