This research is aim at identifying various opportunities investment in a regional area that results in the provision of information regarding a potentially superior product of the particular region. This study focuses on Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs) which are the major economic agent in the regional area. Data and information in this research cover various aspects. Objectives of this research are (1) to provide information about SMEs' products need to be prioritized for advancement in support of regional economic development (2) to produce policy recommendation to the government in the form of a featured product development model of SMEs which contribute positively to growth of regional area. The method of the research is explanatory or confirmatory research by using mixed approach i.e quantitative approach involving sample surveys and semistructured interviews and also qualitative approach involving study cases, individual interviews, and focused group discussion. Data obtained was based on a list of commodities and products published by Statistics Center Bureau/BPS (2015). Results show that the featured product and business type are: 1. micro and small merchant 2. handicraft industry 3. processed foods 4. skill training institution and 5. The shuttles urban transportation.