Published: 2018-07-30

Public-Private Partnership Model used in urban sustainable development propriety research in Taipei governance of Taiwan

Mou-Chung Tseng, Chien-Wen Peng

Pages No. 4824-4836

Abstract 168  | PDF 58  DOI

The Effect of Transactional Leadership and Organizational Culture to Employee Performance through Motivation of Employment

Rudi Firmansah, Edy Supriyadi, Wirawan .

Pages No. 4837-4841

Abstract 234  | PDF 129  DOI

Social Studies Curriculum Content, and Respect among Preschool Children in Nairobi County, Kenya: Focusing on Relevance.

Ganira Khavugwi Lilian, Odundo Amollo Paul, Gatumu Jane.C, Muasya Njeri J.

Pages No. 4842-4848

Abstract 396  | PDF 78  DOI

Socio-economic and Demographic Covariates of Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Application of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Multiple Regression Models

Dr. Hadgu Bariagaber

Pages No. 4849-4863

Abstract 316  | PDF 54  DOI

The Malay Community Local Wisdom of Shame Culture in Legal Perspective to Prevent Corruption in North Sumatera

Nelvitia Purba Ph.d

Pages No. 4864-4868

Abstract 118  | PDF 74  DOI

The Effect of Emotional Control in Improving Communication Ethics of Silinda Junior High School Students

Nurasyah ., Enny Fitriani, Edi Zulfikar

Pages No. 4869-4872

Abstract 108  | PDF 52  DOI

Diversity, Inclusive Governance and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Federal Character Principle in Focus

Roseline C. Onah, Gabriel Igwebuike Ayogu

Pages No. 4873-4880

Abstract 145  | PDF 85  DOI

Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Integrated Environmental Education in the Secondary School Curriculum for Managing Environmental Degradation in Machakos Sub County, Kenya

Timothy Mandila Chikati, Evans Ogoti Okendo (Phd)

Pages No. 4881-4889

Abstract 282  | PDF 71  DOI

Influence of Traditional Beliefs on Agricultural Activities of Women in Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State

Nnodim A.U, Obele, I .T

Pages No. 4890-4895

Abstract 88  | PDF 71  DOI

Performance of Ashas in ANC and Birth Planning in Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr. Tridibesh Tripathy, Mrs. Anjali Tripathy

Pages No. 4896-4899

Abstract 104  | PDF 87  DOI

Assessing Stress Factors and Coping Strategies among Primary Schools Adolescents in Moshi District, Tanzania

Edith Mwananzila, Muteti Catherine Mueni

Pages No. 4900-4911

Abstract 201  | PDF 102  DOI