Published: 2017-05-01

Clarifying Communication Professionals’ Tasks In Contributing To Organizational Decision Making

Markus Mykkänen

Pages No. 3460-3468

Abstract 164  | PDF 66  DOI

The Explication of Loyalty and Disloyalty in Farrokhzad’s "Captive"

Mariwan N. Hasan Saman A. Muhammed

Pages No. 3469-3475

Abstract 122  | PDF 52  DOI

Empowering students’ metacognitive skills on sscs learning model integrated with metacognitive strategy

Yusnaeni Aloysius Duran Corebima

Pages No. 3476-3481

Abstract 127  | PDF 119  DOI

Narcotics Addicted Based on Constitution No. 35 of 2009 about Narcotics

Sri Sulistyawati

Pages No. 3482-3487

Abstract 124  | PDF 54  DOI

The phenomenon of International Conflict in International Relations

DR. Mohammad Salim Al-Rawashdeh DR. Sahar A.Al-Majali

Pages No. 3488-3502

Abstract 134  | PDF 62  DOI

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the greatest teacher of human psychology

Md. Shaon Akter , Bushra Jesmin Trisha Dr.Tasnim Alom , Toyfiquz Zaman Abu Sayeed Munna

Pages No. 3503-3505

Abstract 107  | PDF 225  DOI

Public Borrowing and the Nigerian Economy: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model (ARDL) approach

Ewubare, Denis; Nteegah, Alwell and Okpoi Godspower

Pages No. 3506-3514

Abstract 115  | PDF 96  DOI

Delegation: a Power Tool for Department Chairs in Saudi Universities

Faiza Gonaim

Pages No. 3515-3520

Abstract 110  | PDF 55  DOI

Empowering Critical Thinking Skills Of The Students Having Different Academic Ability in Biology Learning of Senior High School through PQ4R - TPS Strategy

Henny Setiawati Aloysius Duran Corebima

Pages No. 3521-3526

Abstract 246  | PDF 291  DOI

Early Prototypes of Cartoon in the World Art

Bayram Hajizadeh

Pages No. 3527-3530

Abstract 175  | PDF 75  DOI