Published: 2017-06-01

Title : Development of a Multipurpose Power Weeder

Author(s): Monalisha Sahu Dr A. K. Goel

Pages No. 3527-3531

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Title : The Improvement of Student Creativity in Entrepreneurial Subject through Think, Write, and Talk Model

Author(s): Henny Zurika Lubis

Pages No. 3532-3536

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Title : Improving the Students’ Practice Achievement Quality of Giving Explanation Skill in Teaching Practicum by Using Clinical Supervision Model

Author(s): Zakiyah Tasnim M. Sulthon Masyhud

Pages No. 3537-3540

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Title : Social Group Work Intervention in Enhancing the Work Life Balance among Married Working Women in It Sector

Author(s): Baily Vincent Dr. Anbuselvi.R

Pages No. 3541-3545

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Title : The relation between attachment styles, marital satisfaction and self-regulation of emotion in married people.

Author(s): Mahboobeh momeni ghehi Kamran Yeganeg

Pages No. 3546-3555

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Title : Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty in Vietnam Cosmetics Market

Author(s): Lê Giang Nam , Nguyen Dam Nhat Thi Nguyen Thi Thao Quynh

Pages No. 3556-3560

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Title : Enhancing Sustainable strategic management practices at the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority: A post 2000 survival strategy

Author(s): Chavunduka Desderio1 , Muchanyukwa Lawre Sifile Obert3 , Mamimine Patrick

Pages No. 3561-3567

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Title : Research on Confusion of Mishu Conception in China

Author(s): Ruihui Han

Pages No. 3568-3572

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