Published: 2017-07-01

Developing Listening Materials through Utilizing Speech Reader in Indonesian Context viewed by English Teachers

Ferril Irham Muzaki

Pages No. 573-3575

Abstract 152  | PDF 69  DOI

Coastal Anthropology: A Future Dynamics in India

A. K. Kapoor Vijit Deepani

Pages No. 3576-3581

Abstract 147  | PDF 81  DOI

The Development 0f Digital Module through Exe Application-Based to Improve Learners Attraction and Learning Outcomes of Indonesia History

Mohamad Na’im Sumardi

Pages No. 3582-3587

Abstract 173  | PDF 67  DOI

Outlook Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

Guswandi A

Pages No. 3588-3597

Abstract 154  | PDF 280  DOI

The Influence of Workplace Spirituality and Oganizational Culture on Employee Engagement of Y Generation in PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB)

Setyo Riyanto Supriyanto Hapzi Ali

Pages No. 3598-3606

Abstract 112  | PDF 72  DOI

Julia Kristeva’s Abjection in Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman

Alireza Farahbakhsh Sadaf Dejalood

Abstract 120  | PDF 106  DOI

Researching Men and Women: Field Experience of a Female Researcher

Tanzina Choudhury

Pages No. 3613-3618

Abstract 158  | PDF 62  DOI

Students’ Argumentation Skills through PMA Learning in Vocational School

Halimatuz Zahrok Supeno Albertus Djoko Lesmono

Pages No. 3619-3624

Abstract 132  | PDF 74  DOI


Jan-Erik lane

Pages No. 3625-3635

Abstract 122  | PDF 51  DOI

The correlation between students’ motivation and achievement in reading comprehension

Sulistia Ningrum Saiful Anwar Matondang

Pages No. 3636-3639

Abstract 145  | PDF 439  DOI

Rape in Bangladesh: A Heinous Crime Tough to Prove

Md. Humayoun Kabir Md. Abu Sayeed Munna Md. Abu Hanif Al Kamal, Toyfiquz Zaman

Pages No. 3640-3644

Abstract 150  | PDF 249  DOI

The Effect of Work Safety on Stress in Nursing

Buse Gökçe, Hamit Altıparmak Berna Uzun, Dilber Uzun Ozsahin

Pages No. 3645-3656

Abstract 169  | PDF 65  DOI

Analysis of the Relationship between Informal Financial Institutions and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: A Multivariate Panel Data Approach.

Mohammed Yelwa1 Awe Emmanuel Omoniyi Obansa, S.A.J

Pages No. 3657-3665

Abstract 144  | PDF 166  DOI

The Intensity of the Food Processing Industry Products Trade between IndonesiaChina

Joko Widodo M. Zulianto Dyah Ayu Puspitaningrum

Pages No. 3666-3670

Abstract 122  | PDF 108  DOI

Eating Habits of Teenagers in the Schools of Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Suriyaprabha Kannan,Kannan Subbiah Lenders Monama , Monica Komi Naomi Paiyesi , Emmy Keko

Pages No. 3675-3678

Abstract 181  | PDF 85  DOI

Language Meanings and Symbols in the Traditional Wedding Ceremony of Malay Deli

Rahmat Kartolo

Pages No. 3679-3685

Abstract 196  | PDF 193  DOI

The Interpretation of English Texts and Interference Problems of Bilingual Speakers

Harianto II

Pages No. 3686-3689

Abstract 107  | PDF 195  DOI

Character Education through Good Harmony Activities in School

Dr. Sardjijo

Pages No. 3690-3694

Abstract 139  | PDF 177  DOI

A Local Wisdom in Public Institution (Hastabrata Leadership Study Style in Senior High School at Jember Regency)

Asri Sundari Hary Yuswadi Bagus Sigit Sunarko , Sasongko

Pages No. 3695-3702

Abstract 138  | PDF 66  DOI