Published: 2017-08-01

Apposite Model to Improve Mastery of Kinematic Motion Concept for Physics Education Student

Sri Handono Budi Prastowo Budi jatmiko Z.A. Imam Supardi

Pages No. 3703-3707

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Abstract 88  | PDF 39  DOI

Preparation Analysis of SMA Students in Physics Physics in Dealing with Unbk Year 2017

Singgih Bektiarso1 , Sudarti2 , I Ketut Mahardika3 , A Joko Lesmono , Maryani

Pages No. 3714-3715

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Abstract 115  | PDF 77  DOI


Khutobah1 , Nanik Yuliati2 , Deditianti Tri Indriati3 , Saddam Hussen4

Pages No. 3716-3720

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Abstract 138  | PDF 80  DOI

Dissonance between Syllabus and Testing: Reason of Weak Efficiency in English at SSC Level.

Bushra Jesmin Trisha, Md.Shaon Akter Iftekhairun Nisa Yusufi3 , Abu Sayeed M Toufiquz Zaman

Pages No. 3736-3738

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Abstract 94  | PDF 63  DOI

The Development of Pop-Up Story Book for Improving Language Ability

Nanik Yuliati1*, Suhartiningsih , Luluk Hidayati1

Pages No. 3750-3755

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Abstract 84  | PDF DOI

Reyog Ponorogo National Festival as the Cultural Conservation Efforts and Character Education for the Younger Generation

Fransisca Ayu Rismayanti1 , Marjono, Nurul Umamah3 and Rully Putri Nirmala Puji4

Pages No. 3768-3773

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Abstract 132  | PDF 48  DOI

Could Occupational Safety and Health Systems Improve Employees' Performance in Arab Nations?

Osama Mohammad Abu Nawwas1 , Tengku Moha Mohammad Mahmoud Alglilat Ahmad Zubaidi A. Latif

Pages No. 3789-3792

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Abstract 130  | PDF 45  DOI

Do Occupational Safety and Health Environment Influence Work-Related Risks in Arab World?

Mohammad Mahmoud Alglilat1 , Tengku Moha Osama Mohammad Abu Nawwas3 , Ahmad Zubaidi A. Latif

Pages No. 3793-3796

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Abstract 133  | PDF 54  DOI

Shopping Analysis in on Line Shop with Young People

H. Sonny Indrajaya1 , Hapzi Ali2

Pages No. 3797-3802

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Abstract 97  | PDF 53  DOI

Fluid Dynamic Learning Assisted By Student Worksheet Based Rvm with Setting PBL

I Ketut Mahardika1 , Alex Harijanto2 , Moh Surya Winata

Pages No. 3830-3833

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Abstract 94  | PDF 46  DOI