Published: 2017-10-01

Title : Substance use disorder and stigma: A study of behavioral and age effects.A systematic review.

Author(s): Dr. Abeer Hussien Khayat

Pages No. 4011-4018

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Title : Reconstruction of Article 2 and Article 3 Act No. 31 Year 1999 Amended With Law No. 20 Year 2001 on the Eradication of Criminal Accidents of Corruption Policy Formulation Based on Justice Values

Author(s): Ahmad Hadi Prayitno, Gunarto ., Wahyu Widodo

Pages No. 4019-4023

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Title : Ideal Reconstruction of Liquidation of Limited Liability Company through National Court Decision Based on Justice Value

Author(s): Sudar ., Gunarto ., Anis Mashdurohatun, Wahyu Widodo

Pages No. 4024-4032

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Title : Law Policy Reformulation of Death Sentence in Positive Penal Law Based on Pancasila Values

Author(s): Ira Alia Maerani, Eko Soponyono, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Gunarto

Pages No. 4033-4040

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Title : Subjective quality of life analyses in population regularly participating in sport with different health status

Author(s): Dagmar Nemček

Pages No. 4041-4047

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Title : The approximation of Albanian legislation before take the candidate status of EU

Author(s): Lindita Liçaj

Pages No. 4048-4051

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Title : Myth and Reality of King Ajisaka from Medang Kamulan in the Oral and Megalithic Traditions of East Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Sukatman ., Akhmad Taufiq

Pages No. 4052-4060

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Title : Madurese-Indonesian Code-Mixing in the Fifth Grade Students’ Essays at Elementary School in Jember, Indonesia

Author(s): Filda Reta, , Hari Satrijono

Pages No. 4061-4065

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Title : Gülen (Hizmet) Movement as a Bulwark against Terrorism and Extremism

Author(s): Dr. Suleyman Celik

Pages No. 4066-4069

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Title : Learning ability of Thai students in affixes of Bahasa Indonesia

Author(s): Lookman ., Rosmawati Harahap, PhD

Pages No. 4070-4075

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Title : Essai de mesure des mariages interethniques dans la ville d’Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

Author(s): Landry F. Bogui Niava, Fofana Mariame Tata, Houédin Barnabé Cossi

Pages No. 4076-4081

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Title : Uses of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Pck) By Social Science Teachers in Classroom Transaction at Elementary Level

Author(s): Mrs.P.Sujata Dora, Dr. Ramakanta Mohalik

Pages No. 4082-4089

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