Published: 2017-12-01

Teaching Pragmatics with Socio-drama Technique

Harison Surbakti

Pages No. 4156-4160

Abstract 214  | PDF 18  DOI

The Comparison Study of Custommer’s Satisfaction between Carefour and Giant Hypermarket in Cikarang West Java

Edy Supriyadi, Lies Putriana, Yanti Murni

Pages No. 4161-4168

Abstract 167  | PDF 10  DOI

Development of Geographical Tourism Education Potentials with Analysis Geographical Curriculum in 2013 to Improve Tourist Attraction in Jember Regency

Fahrudi Ahwan Ikhsan, Bejo Apriyanto, Elan Artono Nurdin, Fahmi Arif Kurnianto

Pages No. 4169-4173

Abstract 302  | PDF 11  DOI

Représentation romanesque de la dimension humaine; étude de Half of a Yellow Sun de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Romance representation of the human dimension; study of half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

KRA Koffi Jérôme

Pages No. 4174-4181

Abstract 137  | PDF 78  DOI

“More traumatic and humiliating than assault itself”: Exploring students’ perceptions of Dalhousie University’s management of sexual assault issues

Taylor Kylie MacKenzie

Pages No. 4182-4198

Abstract 165  | PDF 89  DOI

Homeless at a new home: How German Balts and Latvians found their coping strategies after 1939 and 1945

Geert Franzenburg

Pages No. 4199-4205

Abstract 231  | PDF 86  DOI

Perceptions of Selected Heterogeneous Primary School Heads toward Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in the School Strategic Planning (SSP)

Wan Suraya binti Wan Nik, Wan Zuraidah binti Wan Nik

Pages No. 4216-4210

Abstract 221  | PDF 77  DOI

Should Age and Education be taken into account to Innovate?

Aziza Saïda Slimane

Pages No. 4211-4215

Abstract 185  | PDF 103  DOI

The role of Marxism in the Lao political system in the contemporary era

Yu Dahuai, Sybuamala Phoutthaphone, Wu Jing

Pages No. 4216-4226

Abstract 174  | PDF 151  DOI

Study on Relationship of BMI with Eating Pattern and Health Concern

N. Daud, C. W. Heng, N. F. Razak, H. W. You

Pages No. 4227-4230

Abstract 161  | PDF 71  DOI