Published: 2018-03-30

Aso-Ebi (Group Uniform): An Imported Symbolic Culture That Projects Solidarity And Cohesion in Traditional Igbo Cosmology

Madukasi Francis Chuks.

Pages No. 4461-4473

Abstract 327  | PDF 135  DOI

Politics and Religion vs. Law and Order in Nigeria: Implications for National and Regional Security.

Sunday K.M. Anadi, PhD

Pages No. 4474-4481

Abstract 211  | PDF 95  DOI

The Hopeless and the Ict Transformation

Cevito Wilson

Pages No. 4482-4498

Abstract 281  | PDF 90  DOI

Financing of HAJ Trough a Contract of Qardh (Loan) on Shari’a Banking in Indonesia

Sufmi Dasco Ahmad

Pages No. 4499-4502

Abstract 243  | PDF 89  DOI

Stakeholders Roles in Improving the Current State of Public Secondary Schools Infrastructure in Rivers State, Nigeria

Ngechuwa Gladys Osaro, Ebiwari Wokekoro

Pages No. 4503-4508

Abstract 274  | PDF 191  DOI

Perceived Individual Cultural Values and Erp Users: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Hisham Al hirz

Pages No. 4509-4518

Abstract 325  | PDF 84  DOI

The Myth of the City in the French and the Georgian Symbolist Aesthetics

Tatia Oboladze

Pages No. 4519-4525

Abstract 319  | PDF 76  DOI

Where there is disrespect, you will find violence: The Demography of Child-on-Child Disrespect in Egyptian

Huda Assem Mohammed Khalifa

Pages No. 4526-4535

Abstract 365  | PDF 104  DOI

Reception of Medea’s Image in Grigol Robakidze’s Novel „Megi the Georgian Girl“

lili metreveli

Pages No. 4536-4539

Abstract 191  | PDF 69  DOI

Social Tendencies of Poets, Case Study: Hatam1 Taei’s Poetry

Fatemeh Hosseini

Pages No. 4540-4543

Abstract 216  | PDF 61  DOI