For the purpose of examining the impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty in HCM City Cosmetic market,
the author carried out this study using quantitative approach via survey. A questionaire derived from previous study and was
modified through group discussion among 20 customers then officially conducted with the sample of 318 people. The result
shows that among relationship marketing underpinnings, 5 variables: trust, commitment, communication, conflict handling, shared
value have positive influence on customer loyalty, shared value is more important than others. There are some research limitations
as the data analysed were collected from one sector of the industry in one country, the relationships investigated here deserve
further researchs on other sectors or study development by modifying relationship marketing variables. However, research
provides insights on the importance of relationship marketing integral elements. With the information supplied, cosmetic brands
can enhance their effectiveness of marketing strategy, attain marketing success by focusing on 5 key characteristics affecting
customer loyalty