This Research investigated an assessment of public management on health service delivery in Kenya. The objective is to establish the: Contract management, Benchmarking and Quality Service on Health Service Delivery in Kenya. The research adapted Research approach utilized was mixed method approach, design. This research utilized descriptive survey design, target population consisted of Health workers 1,740.Finding For one of good fit, BM and CM had highest NFI = 0.939 and GFI = .993. Results indicate that BM on Health Service Delivery had a strong significant difference (β= 0.78),Two Null Hypothesis were rejected QS had a weak prediction towards Health Service Delivery.Also BM model demonstrated better fit than CM Model .QS did poorly than the two models (CM &BM) in terms of ratio index < 5 .According to the rule of thumb QS measured poorly. In conclusion Contract management and Benchmarking supported Health Service Delivery.The study recommends further investigation on Quality Service