The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention 2018-12-12T16:21:07+00:00 Valley International Open Journal Systems <p style="font-weight: 400; text-align: justify;"><strong>The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention </strong></p> <p style="font-weight: 400; text-align: justify;">(The IJSSHI).<strong>&nbsp;</strong>It is an international refereed &nbsp;journal in English published Monthly. The IJSSHI is an international peer-reviewed, electronic, online journal in English that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of the social science, humanity and linguistics. The IJSSHI will cater to needs of all those researchers and academicians looking forward to contribute through their knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of social science &amp; humanity. The IJSSHI is a publication model that enables the wide dissemination of research articles to the global community without restriction. Thus, all articles published under open access can be accessed by anyone with internet connection.</p> Profitability toward Return Stock Influencing to The life of company 2018-12-01T16:08:17+00:00 Hani Krisnawati Dwi Astutik Heru Yulianto <p>The purpose of the research is to explain profitability toward return stock, influencing toward the life of company. The population and the sample are manufacturing companies in Semarang. The type of the research is descriptive with secondary data in the form of financial report from 2013 until 2017. The findings show profitability influences return stock and the life of company.</p> 2018-12-01T16:08:17+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Female Consumers’ Attitude towards Natural Beauty Products: Malaysian Perspective 2018-12-07T13:22:42+00:00 Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad <p>There are numerous illnesses related to beauty products consumption have led many companies to plan for a better solution that emphasis on green, and natural products ingredients. Women consumers in beauty product industry is considered as one of the biggest populations that contribute significantly to economic growth worldwide. This study aims to investigate the female consumer perspective in relation to the health and environment. 200 were returned and usable. The findings indicated that factors like attitude, subjective norms and behavioral control do influence women consumer’s intention to purchase natural beauty product. Specifically, health consciousness and environment consciousness are significant in influencing their consumers’ purchase intention. Practically, the findings helped marketers to be creative when promoting the beauty products by highlighting on sustainability and product safety to feed into the women’s attitude toward natural beauty products.</p> 2018-12-07T13:22:42+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Influence of End User Computing System (EUCS) on User Satisfaction: The Case of a Logistic and Courier Service Company 2018-12-07T13:36:12+00:00 Rudzi Munap Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad Sofhinaz Abdul Hamid Mirza Fareed Beg MM Talib Beg <p>In any service and product delivery organizations, front-line employees play a key role in interacting with customers.&nbsp;&nbsp; The organization seek information from the customers; make sense of the information and by using an information system provided they further take action to meet customer demands. The interactions between front-line employees and customers influence the overall perception of the service quality and ultimately, customer satisfaction within the services context. This is because services are characterized by inseparability and intangibility, and it is often the employees themselves who deliver the service and act as a communication channel. Since satisfied employees are likely to treat customers better and offer an improved service, therefore it is vital for an organization to understand the needs and expectations of their employees to increase their level of satisfaction. The present study was using one of the main logistic and courier services in Malaysia by evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of its over-the-counter system. Using the original model Doll and Torkzadeh (1988), self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 234 employees located at selected branches in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Findings indicated that among the five dimensions of users’ satisfaction namely content, accuracy, format and timeliness; show positive significant relationship with the user’s satisfaction. Only ease-of-use indicated no significant relationship. It has proven that front-line employees play a significant role in the overall service rating, organizations should be more considerate and provide attention in managing their performance.&nbsp;&nbsp; The findings of the study can provide valuable information to postal organizations that have adopted or are thinking about adopting a new retail system. These postal organizations will have better opportunity to gain insights in order to make the adoption successful as they get to know how end users perceive content, accuracy, format, ease of use and timeliness of the system.</p> 2018-12-07T13:36:12+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Development of Entrepreneurship Values in Open and Distance Education 2018-12-07T13:44:09+00:00 Rhini Fatma Sari Suripto . <p>Entrepreneurship education in open and distance education is usually taught only through modules. Research on university students shows that this education model cannot provide a good understanding of entrepreneurial values. Students also stated that they did not have any direct experience in entrepreneurial activity. Based on the results of the study, the Economic Education Study Program of the Open University develops a model of education and development of Entrepreneurship Education Course which is called the New Generation of Teaching Materials. Entrepreneurship Education Course aims to have students to possess entrepreneurial values ​​that can be taught back to their students. The materials contained in the Entrepreneurship Education module should be designed so that university students have entrepreneurial values ​​and gain hands-on entrepreneurship concepts. This experience is gained through the activities of the Field Work Practice for two months. Research on the development of education materials for Entrepreneurship Education was conducted with Research and Development mathematics model of the combination between Gall and Borg 1983 and 2007. Research in the first year resulted in (1) Analysis of entrepreneurship education materials on open and distance education; (2) The design of teaching materials based on the input of entrepreneurial experts; and (3) Instructional Strategies of entrepreneurship teaching materials. The teaching materials of entrepreneurship education are delivered through printed materials in the module form. The material in this module is enriched with interactive video and web supplement.</p> 2018-12-07T13:44:09+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Zusammengefasste neue deutsche Rechtschreibung und die wichtigsten Regeln mit einigen Beispielen The important rules as explained in The New Spelling Guide written in German and the examples of these rules Almancada Yeni İmla Kılavuzu’nun Kısa Örneklerle 2018-12-12T16:02:21+00:00 Dr. ogretim uyesi Halis Benzer <p><strong>Zusammenfassung:</strong> Konrad Duden 1850 sein Hauptwerk Vollständiges Orthographisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, das ist die Grundlage für die Rechtschreibreform von 1901, welche dann verbindlich für Deutschland wurde. Diese Arbeitsweise für die Richtlinien des Ministeriums für Bildung und Weiterbildung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen aus dem Jahr 1998. Grundsätze der neuen Rechtschreibung für die Sicherung einer einheitlichen Rechtschreibung Beamte und der Gesetzgeber.</p> <p>Schlüsselworte: Laut-Buchstaben Zuordnung, Getrennt- und Zusammenschreibung, Bindestrich, Groß- und Kleinschreibung, Zeichensetzung, Worttrennung</p> <p><strong>Abstract:</strong> Konrad Duden published his main work <em>Vollständiges Orthographisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache</em> in 1880. It represented the base for the reform of the German orthography of 1901, which from then on was mandatory in Germany. This paper is based on the 1998 Guidelines of the Ministry of School and Further Education of the Land Northrhine-Westphalia. The principles of the new orthography serve to secure a unified orthography for all those who have to adhere to them, such as teachers, student, government officials and legislators.</p> 2018-12-12T03:58:49+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Comparison of Social Learning Study (Ips) Results Using Cooperative Jigsaw Learning Model Based On It Media for Elementary Students (Sd) 2018-12-12T16:08:11+00:00 Umar Darwis S.E,M.PD <p>Social studies education has been taught since elementary school, this social studies lesson can provide a significant contribution in overcoming social problems, because social studies education has a function and role in improving human resources to obtain knowledge about human dignity and values ​​as social beings, the skills to apply that knowledge and able to behave based on values ​​and norms so that they can live in a society.&nbsp;The ideal conditions expected from the results of social studies learning in schooling are considered not yet in line with expectations, even some research findings and observations of education experts reinforce the conclusion that social studies education in Indonesia is not maximal because the realization of social values ​​developed in social studies learning is still not well implemented in the daily lives of students. The social skills of graduate students are still alarming, as evidenced by student participation in various community activities is shrinking.&nbsp;By having the implementation of the jigsaw cooperative learning model assisted by IT media, the jigsaw cooperative learning model without using media also allows students to work in teams and ensure each team has mastered the subject matter provided by the teacher, except that in this learning model students do not get additional sources of knowledge through the media IT.</p> 2018-12-12T16:08:11+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## An Investigación sobre recién egresados con empleo de la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales 2018-12-12T16:13:40+00:00 MA Ramón Salcido Moreno <p>Until now, a statistical study had not been carried out on graduates who have a job within months of having completed their studies at the School of Political and Social Sciences of Ciudad Juarez. There is a diverse literature on the difficulties faced by people who finish university careers in Mexico, generally with a pessimistic approach. Private educational institutions state that almost all of their new professionals get a job, less than a year after finishing their studies. With this work, a first step is taken to later make more extensive and comparative studies with public and private universities on the reality faced by recent graduates. Through a statistical sample for population proportions, respondents were asked if they had a job of more than 30 hours a week, for three different periods, resulting in an average of 22.2 percent with an affirmative answer.</p> 2018-12-12T16:13:40+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Adult Immigrants’ Perceptions of Career and Vocational Education and Factors Influencing Their Decision to Peruse a Vocational Programme of Study 2018-12-12T16:21:07+00:00 Awal Mohammed Alhassan <p>This study was conducted with 400 students and 8 secondary school counsellors to find out factors that affect decision making of adult immigrant students from secondary schools with regard to their career and vocational study choices in Akershus county of Norway. Three sets of questionnaires were employed to gather the data. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data. The study revealed that the adult learners were satisfied to make individual decisions based on their personal evaluations of interests, abilities and capabilities more than any other factors such as school counsellors, teachers and parents. While the choices of vocational study of these adult learners was based on school counsellors` influence and other socioeconomic factors, academic program choices was based on self- motivation and interest. The study recommends the involvement of all stakeholders by the school counsellors to improve the implementation of career and vocational guidance programs for adults in all secondary schools.</p> 2018-12-12T16:21:07+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##