Published: 2018-04-30

A critical reading of the scene of wives' violence in Survey studies An analytical study

Prof.Dr. Amina M. Biomy Afify

Pages No. 4544-4549

Abstract 305  | PDF 98  DOI

Social Impact Assessment (SIA): A Review of SIA Procedure in Malaysia

Mohammad Mujaheed Hassan

Pages No. 4550-4557

Abstract 1112  | PDF 933  DOI

An Evaluation of Community Oriented Policing (COP) Mechanism: Partnership and Problem Solving. Case Study: Bandar Baru Sri Pinang, Pulau Pinang. Part 1: Literature Review & Methodology

Mohammad Mujaheed Hassan, Aldrin Abdullah

Pages No. 4558-4564

Abstract 267  | PDF 127  DOI

Theoretical analysis on the convergence of India and China’s interests and their impact on post-conflict Sri Lanka

M.S.H.U. Karunarathne

Pages No. 4565-4572

Abstract 180  | PDF 135  DOI

Analysis of Social Studies Material in Primary School Curriculum

Asnawi ., Bunga Mulyahati, Ronald Fransyaigu

Pages No. 4573-4576

Abstract 429  | PDF 109  DOI

The Relationship between Self-Efficacy towards Audit Quality with Individualism Culture As Mediates: Evidence from Indonesia

Dr.Syahril Djaddang,CA, Shanti Lyshandra, Harimurti Wulandjani, E. Sulistiawarni

Pages No. 4577-4583

Abstract 287  | PDF 167  DOI

Legal Protection on the Right of Geographical Indication for Micro and Small Business in Indonesia

Chandra Eka Yustisia, Annisya Dwi Soraya, Pujiyono .

Pages No. 4584-4588

Abstract 129  | PDF 75  DOI

Sensitive Language Behaviour As A Trigger Of The Conflict Within Interethnic Family In Tapal Kuda Regions

Akhmad Haryono, Bambang Wibisono

Pages No. 4589-4594

Abstract 237  | PDF 69  DOI

The Nexus between Socio-Economic Environment and Recurrence of Inter-Ethnic Conflicts In Nyakach and Sigowet Sub-Counties of Western Kenya

James Omondi Juma, Prof. Crispinous Iteyo, Dr. Ruth Simiyu

Pages No. 4595-4603

Abstract 260  | PDF 74  DOI


Dr. Shubira L. Kalugila, Winnie F. Tesha

Pages No. 4604-4614

Abstract 224  | PDF 122  DOI

Contribution of “Box Saving” in Alleviating of Women’s Poverty and Food Insecurity: A Case of Rural Areas of Upper West Region of Ghana.

Bibiana Koglinuu Batinge

Pages No. 4615-4626

Abstract 312  | PDF 79  DOI

Coastal Rural Community Economic Development As a Poverty Reduction Efforts

Rukin ., Bustami Rahman, Akhmad Toha, Nur Diyah Gianawati

Pages No. 4627-4633

Abstract 301  | PDF 98  DOI