Published: 2018-05-30

Implementation of Multicultural Context on Learning Writing Poetry in Senior High School

Ambarini Asriningsari, Azzah Nayla

Pages No. 4634-4639

Abstract 318  | PDF 114  DOI

Ozo Title: An Indigenous Institution In Traditional Religion That Upholds Patriarchy In Igbo Land South-Eastern Nigeria

Madukasi, Francis Chuks

Pages No. 4640-4652

Abstract 1865  | PDF 131  DOI

Legalisasi Islamic Law with analytic philosophy approach Model of language analysis

Saifudin Zuhri

Pages No. 4653-4660

Abstract 201  | PDF 94  DOI

Outer Space Law in Retrospect

Tunku Intan Mainura

Pages No. 4661-4671

Abstract 306  | PDF 110  DOI

Earnings Management and Value Relevance in Nigeria: A Pre and Post Ifrs Analysis

Sunny O. Temile, Al Bahloul Mohammed, Dadang Prasetyo Jatmiko

Pages No. 4672-4680

Abstract 340  | PDF 90  DOI

Does technical manager affect performance?--Evidence of Shaanxi private tech enterprise of China

Zunhuan Shen, Fan Wang, Ziyu Guo

Pages No. 4681-4686

Abstract 161  | PDF 87  DOI

The Impact of Strategic Foresight on Strategic Entrepreneurship

Ameera Hatif Haddawee

Pages No. 4687-4692

Abstract 389  | PDF 130  DOI

The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study on the Telecommunication Industry

Shu-Ling Hsu

Pages No. 4693-4703

Abstract 1018  | PDF 212  DOI

The United Kingdom’s Outer Space Act 1986

Tunku Intan Mainura

Pages No. 4704-4709

Abstract 334  | PDF 85  DOI

Impact of social media Influencer marketing on consumer at Ho Chi Minh City.

Lê Giang Nam, Hoàng Thái Dân

Pages No. 4710-4714

Abstract 825  | PDF 1801  DOI

THE The Influence Of Parenting Pattern And Student’ Learning Decipline On Students’ Learning Outcomes Of Pancasila And Civic Education (Ppkn) Subbject At Smk Al-Ishlah Besuki

Rizkiyatun Nisa, Sri Handayani, Sumardi .

Pages No. 4715-4719

Abstract 220  | PDF 78  DOI

The Barriers and Ideas of Improvement to Community Oriented Policing (COP) Development and Implementation in Malaysia. Case Study: Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Mohammad Mujaheed Hassan, Aldrin Abdullah

Pages No. 4720-4727

Abstract 738  | PDF 91  DOI

Analysis of Determinants of Innovation Strategy and Its Impact on Small Medium Enterprise Performance in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Iha Haryani Hatta, Edy Supriyadi, Ahmad Djamil

Pages No. 4728-4732

Abstract 156  | PDF 110  DOI

The Effect of Competence, Organizational Commitment, and Perceived Organizational Support towards Service Quality and Working Group Performance of Procurement Service Unit in Ministry of Finance of Indonesia

Agus Heri Purnomo, Raden Andi Sularso, Ahmad Roziq

Pages No. 4733-4741

Abstract 227  | PDF 94  DOI

The Most Important Factors Affecting Profitability of The Top 10 Commercial Banks in Asean

Indra satria, Edy Supriyadi, Agus s. irfani, Achmad djamil

Pages No. 4742-4753

Abstract 320  | PDF 743  DOI

Teachers’ Perceptions on Integration of Information Communication Technology in Teaching and learning in Secondary Schools in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Ogoti Evans Okendo

Pages No. 4754-4758

Abstract 172  | PDF 90  DOI

Factors Influencing Public Accessibility to Community Open Spaces in Dhaka City: A Case Study of Mirpur Budhhijibi Complex in Dhaka

Dr. Halima Begum, Fatima Kabir Kabir Sharna

Pages No. 4759-4764

Abstract 299  | PDF 86  DOI