Published: 2018-09-30

Second-hand Tobacco Smoke (ETS) – Findings of an Australian Case Study and How Dhaka can reap the Benefit from the Research Outcome.

Dr. Sheikh Mahabub Alam.

Pages No. 4959-4968

Abstract 302  | PDF 105  DOI

Finding Indonesian National Leaders Based On Pancasila‘S Character

Sufmi Dasco Ahmad

Pages No. 4969-4973

Abstract 1343  | PDF 208  DOI

Supervision Contributes for Success of Megawon Village Fund Program Jati District Kudus Regency Central Java Indonesia by Using Good Governanceas a Contingency Variable

Amin kuncoro, Grahita Candrarin, Sudarman .

Pages No. 4974-4977

Abstract 248  | PDF 97  DOI

The Analysis of Job stress Effect to the Improvement of PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, TBK Medan Balai Kota Branch’s Employees Performance

Susi Handayani, Lailan Safina Hasibuan

Pages No. 4978-4981

Abstract 197  | PDF 86  DOI

Revitalization of Cultural Value System (Mapping of Indigeneous Culture and Value System in Enggano Island Indonesia)

Dhanurseto Hadiprashada, Dwi Aji Budiman, Rasianna Br. Saragih

Pages No. 4982-4985

Abstract 221  | PDF 103  DOI

Profit And Loss Sharing System and Profitability of Islamic Rural Bank in East Jawa Indonesia

Mohammad Saleh, Agung Budi Sulistyo, Nur Hisamuddin, Ahmad Roziq

Pages No. 4986-4991

Abstract 193  | PDF 145  DOI

The Effectiveness of Traditional Somali Justice-Based Conflict Management Mechanisms Influencing Peace-Building Strategies in Garissa County, Kenya

Zachous Mboche Wanyoike, Kennedy Onkware, Pontian Godfrey Okoth

Pages No. 4992-4997

Abstract 175  | PDF 93  DOI