Published: 2018-12-30

Profitability toward Return Stock Influencing to The life of company

Hani Krisnawati, Dwi Astutik, Heru Yulianto

Pages No. 5096-5098

Abstract 184  | PDF 117  DOI

Female Consumers’ Attitude towards Natural Beauty Products: Malaysian Perspective

Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad

Pages No. 5099-5102

Abstract 363  | PDF 168  DOI

The Influence of End User Computing System (EUCS) on User Satisfaction: The Case of a Logistic and Courier Service Company

Rudzi Munap, Siti Nor Bayaah Ahmad, Sofhinaz Abdul Hamid, Mirza Fareed Beg MM Talib Beg

Pages No. 5103-5110

Abstract 239  | PDF 81  DOI

Development of Entrepreneurship Values in Open and Distance Education

Rhini Fatma Sari, Suripto .

Pages No. 5111-5116

Abstract 224  | PDF 83  DOI

Zusammengefasste neue deutsche Rechtschreibung und die wichtigsten Regeln mit einigen Beispielen The important rules as explained in The New Spelling Guide written in German and the examples of these rules Almancada Yeni İmla Kılavuzu’nun Kısa Örneklerle

Dr. ogretim uyesi Halis Benzer

Pages No. 5117-5122

Abstract 120  | PDF 59  DOI

The Comparison of Social Learning Study (Ips) Results Using Cooperative Jigsaw Learning Model Based On It Media for Elementary Students (Sd)

Umar Darwis S.E,M.PD

Pages No. 5123-5127

Abstract 469  | PDF 143  DOI

An Investigación sobre recién egresados con empleo de la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales

MA Ramón Salcido Moreno

Pages No. 5128-5131

Abstract 276  | PDF 132  DOI

Adult Immigrants’ Perceptions of Career and Vocational Education and Factors Influencing Their Decision to Peruse a Vocational Programme of Study

Awal Mohammed Alhassan

Pages No. 5132-5139

Abstract 207  | PDF 66  DOI

The Hallidayan Stylistics and Creative Writing:Theoretical and Critical Study at the Level of Concepts

Samudji .

Pages No. 5140-5146

Abstract 211  | PDF 65  DOI

Curriculum, Teaching and Interdisciplinarity

Silvia Morelli, Camila Carlachiani

Pages No. 5147-5154

Abstract 137  | PDF 67  DOI

An Impact Assessment of the National Policy on Guidelines and Standards for Environmental Pollution Control in Nigeria, 1991: A Case Study of the Niger Delta

Dr. Korikiye Wenibowei

Pages No. 5155-5162

Abstract 164  | PDF 77  DOI

Courtesy Negotiation in Momuhaboi (Meminang) Ceremony of Kadazandusun Society

Rosliah Kiting

Pages No. 5163-5169

Abstract 180  | PDF 90  DOI

The Influence of Profitability, Solvability, Liquidity, Company Size and Size of Public Accountant Firm on Audit Report Lag

Reni Yendrawati, Varaby Wahyu Mahendra

Pages No. 5170-5178

Abstract 276  | PDF 109  DOI

Influence of Bachelor of Education Teacher Trainees’ Information Searching Ability on Utilization of E-resources At University of Nairobi Kenya

John Njoroge Kanori, Odundo Paul Amollo, Hellen Nasimiyuh Inyega

Pages No. 5179-5186

Abstract 240  | PDF 83  DOI

The Influence of Brand Image, Design, Feature, and Price on Purchasing Decision of Apple iOS Smartphone in Surakarta, Indonesia

Amron Amron

Pages No. 5187-5191

Abstract 134  | PDF 140  DOI

Internationalizing Education: A Personal and Professional Journey

Cameron White, PhD

Pages No. 5192-5197

Abstract 181  | PDF 78  DOI

Youth Knowledge on the Law of Act 611 (Child Act2001) Among Students

Nur Hidayah Zamry, Nurulhaidah Daud, Nor Farhah Razak, Ikhwan Zakaria

Pages No. 5198-5201

Abstract 156  | PDF 67  DOI

Lean Manufacturing System Optimization with Simulation Models and Response Surface Methodology

Bambang Sutejo, Wing Hendroprasetyo Akbar Putra

Pages No. 5202-5206

Abstract 122  | PDF 68  DOI

‘‘They could defecate over a whole people […] and defecate some more by tearing up the land”: Ecological (Un) consciousness and Resistance in Toni Morrison’s Selected Novels

KOUASSI Selay Marius

Pages No. 5207-5213

Abstract 102  | PDF 59  DOI