Published: 2019-10-01

Accomplished ladies and well-mannered gentlemen: The effect of education in Jane Austen’s novels

Miguel Ángel Jordán

Abstract 9  | PDF 6  DOI

Developing the African Continent with the Three Sixty Dimension Populous Turn

Emma Anyika Shileche

Abstract 6  | PDF 4  DOI

Mara’s rising from total submissiveness to absolute emancipation in Beyond The Horizon by Amma Darko

René-Kinée ALLAMAGBO, Docteur Théophile HOUNDJO

Abstract 9  | PDF 3  DOI

Xenophobia and Africa in the 21st Century: Towards a Xenophilial Framework For Sustainable Development*

Amodu Adekunle Akeem

Pages No. 5679-5682

Abstract 37  | PDF 7  DOI

Legal Consequences of Creditor's Name Change in Syndicated Loan Agreement

Pambudi Wiyono, Pujiyono

Pages No. 5683-5687

Abstract 14  | PDF 7  DOI

Monetary Valuation of Selected Forest Products in Andoni

Irikana, J. J, Akujuru V. A

Pages No. 5688-5693

Abstract 8  | PDF 8  DOI

Legal Protection for Person with Disabilities in Relating Right to Vote on the Indonesian Election

Dewi Nurvianti, Zulvia Makka

Pages No. 5674-5678

Abstract 4  | PDF 4  DOI

A Legal Analysis on Novation of Joint Business Loan Due to Debtor's Divorce

didik agung sulistyo, Burhanudin Harahap

Pages No. 5694-5697

Abstract 11  | PDF 5  DOI