Published: 2017-10-01

Substance use disorder and stigma: A study of behavioral and age effects.A systematic review.

Dr. Abeer Hussien Khayat

Pages No. 4011-4018

Abstract 199  | PDF 3  DOI

Reconstruction of Article 2 and Article 3 Act No. 31 Year 1999 Amended With Law No. 20 Year 2001 on the Eradication of Criminal Accidents of Corruption Policy Formulation Based on Justice Values

Ahmad Hadi Prayitno, Gunarto ., Wahyu Widodo

Pages No. 4019-4023

Abstract 125  | PDF 4  DOI

Ideal Reconstruction of Liquidation of Limited Liability Company through National Court Decision Based on Justice Value

Sudar ., Gunarto ., Anis Mashdurohatun, Wahyu Widodo

Pages No. 4024-4032

Abstract 127  | PDF 3  DOI

Law Policy Reformulation of Death Sentence in Positive Penal Law Based on Pancasila Values

Ira Alia Maerani, Eko Soponyono, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Gunarto

Pages No. 4033-4040

Abstract 131  | PDF 6  DOI

Subjective quality of life analyses in population regularly participating in sport with different health status

Dagmar Nemček

Pages No. 4041-4047

Abstract 177  | PDF 2  DOI

The approximation of Albanian legislation before take the candidate status of EU

Lindita Liçaj

Pages No. 4048-4051

Abstract 202  | PDF 3  DOI

Myth and Reality of King Ajisaka from Medang Kamulan in the Oral and Megalithic Traditions of East Java, Indonesia

Sukatman ., Akhmad Taufiq

Pages No. 4052-4060

Abstract 161  | PDF 11  DOI

Madurese-Indonesian Code-Mixing in the Fifth Grade Students’ Essays at Elementary School in Jember, Indonesia

Filda Reta, , Hari Satrijono

Pages No. 4061-4065

Abstract 119  | PDF 5  DOI

Gülen (Hizmet) Movement as a Bulwark against Terrorism and Extremism

Dr. Suleyman Celik

Pages No. 4066-4069

Abstract 133  | PDF 3  DOI

Learning ability of Thai students in affixes of Bahasa Indonesia

Lookman ., Rosmawati Harahap, PhD

Pages No. 4070-4075

Abstract 147  | PDF 2  DOI

Essai de mesure des mariages interethniques dans la ville d’Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

Landry F. Bogui Niava, Fofana Mariame Tata, Houédin Barnabé Cossi

Pages No. 4076-4081

Abstract 161  | PDF 3  DOI

Uses of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Pck) By Social Science Teachers in Classroom Transaction at Elementary Level

Mrs.P.Sujata Dora, Dr. Ramakanta Mohalik

Pages No. 4082-4089

Abstract 160  | PDF 15  DOI