Published: 2019-08-04

La construction de l’hypothèse dans une recherche qualitative, une illustration à partir de l’étude sur la distance sociale à l’innovation dans la production d’attiéké en Côte d’Ivoire.

De Bloganqueaux Soho Rusticot DROH, Aubin Jacob MOBIO

Pages No. 5553-5558

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Effect of Internet Banking On the Performance of First Bank Nigeria Plc Abuja

AKYUZ Murat, PhD, OPUSUNJU, Michael Isaac (PhD)

Pages No. 5559-5564

Abstract 19  | PDF 26  DOI

Effect of Structural Adjustment Programme on the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria

OPUSUNJU Michael Isaac (PhD), AKYUZ, Murat, PhD

Pages No. 5565-5570

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Analysis of the Relationship between Technology Capital and Equity Structure-Evidence of Shaanxi private tech enterprise of China

Nan Wang, ZunHuan Shen

Pages No. 5571-5574

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Analysis of Community Social Issues in Jamdin Buyong Editorial Cartoon Press Sabah Times

Suraya Hani Zakaria, Mohammad Pu’ad Bebit, Mohd Sawari Rahim

Pages No. 5575-5579

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Nature and Extent of Inter-Clan Conflicts in the Somali Community in Wajir North Sub-County, Kenya

Robert Kiprop Aengwony, Prof. Crispinuous Iteyo, Dr. Ruth Simiyu

Pages No. 5580-5595

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Comparative Case Study on Institutionalizaiton of Ruling Parties under Military Authoritarianism: Democratic Republican Party under Park Chung-Hee Regime in South Korea (1961-1979) and Golkar under Suharto Regime in Indonesia (1966-1998)

Sungdeuk Lee

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