Marxism has played very important role in the political system in Lao PDR, which the LPRP holds MarxismLeninism
as the political ideology in the people’s democratic regime to forward socialism in the future. The Lao political
system has provided into the central and local administrations with three balance powers as legislative, executive and
judicial organisations as arms of the LPRP. In addition, the LPRP leads and directs the governmental and social
organisations by the policies, and the government manages society by the constitution and laws. While the LFNC, LWU,
LPRYU, LFTU, and other social organisations are the organs to unite and mobilise all strata of the Lao multi-ethnic
people to take part on the tasks of the country’s protection and construction. However, the LPRP and the government
attempt to promote the foreign policy for regional and international integrations in developments.