This research aimed to describe the application of iqro' method to functional literacy learning (KF). This research used qualitative approach with case study design. Data were collected by using observation, interview, and documentation study methods. The findings indicated that (1) the application of the iqro’ method was based on the characteristics of learning citizens who like to learn Arabic letters, (2) the learning was done within 16 meetings / 32 hours face to face learning, (3) the factors supporting the successful implementation of iqro method were (a)most of the learning citizens were familiar with the numbers of both Arabic and Latin numbers, (b) the attendance consistency of learning citizens, (c) its application was combined with singing method, (d) its application also used the drawing media, stationary, money , and (e) combining the Qur'an learning and its meaning as well as telling stories of prophets and messengers between the time of learning.