Published: 2018-01-30

The Implementation of Iqro’ Method in Basic Functional Literacy Learning

Irliana Faiqotul Himmah , Linda Fajarwati , Fuad Hasan

Pages No. 4231-4234

Abstract 164  | PDF 114  DOI

The Kings of the Sects- “Moulook At-Tawaef”- and their Attitude towards the Almoravid Movement and Their State in the Lands of “Al-Adwah”- Far Morocco

Sahar A.M. Al-Majali, Ph.D

Pages No. 4235-4241

Abstract 185  | PDF 94  DOI

Literature and Society: A Reading of the Narrative of the Crisis in the River between By Ngugi wa Thiong'o

Dr Thehoua Aka Jean

Pages No. 4242-4248

Abstract 719  | PDF 128  DOI

Environmentally Sustainable Apparel: Recycle, Repairing and Reuse Apparel

Arasinah Kamis, Nornazira Suhairom, Rahimah Jamaluddin, Rodia Syamwil, Farah Najwa Ahmad Puad

Pages No. 4249-4257

Abstract 189  | PDF 127  DOI

Investigating Older Persons and NGOs Flood Preparedness to Reduce Vulnerabilities Associated with Ageing: A Case Study

Sharifah Norazizan Syed Abd Rashid, Mohd Rizal Hussain, Mohamad Fadzillah Bagat, Amna Md. Noor, Bukryman Sabri

Pages No. 4258-4264

Abstract 156  | PDF 93  DOI

Social constructs of pesticide effectiveness among social actors in Bouaké

Doudou Dimi Théodore, Adou Agnéro Simon

Pages No. 4265-4274

Abstract 143  | PDF 99  DOI

The Fate of Flapper Characters in Toni Morrison's Sula, Love and Paradise

Moussa Ouattara

Pages No. 4275-4280

Abstract 138  | PDF 92  DOI

Catskills Composition by Thomas Cole

Natalia Bosko

Pages No. 4281-4292

Abstract 121  | PDF 125  DOI

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Financial Perfomance in Tanganyika Wilderness Camps Limited in Arusha Region, Tanzania

Dr. David A. O. Aunga, Mr. Michael Nathan

Pages No. 4292-4306

Abstract 122  | PDF 111  DOI

An Application of the Decision Support Model to Louisiana’s Exports

Bukola B. Oluwade

Pages No. 4307-4313

Abstract 142  | PDF 78  DOI

The Analysis of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Solving the Generalization Problem of Mathematics Series

Alfia Nur Filah, Dafik ., Kusno .

Pages No. 4314-4321

Abstract 444  | PDF 147  DOI

La Peine de Mort et le Droit à la Vie.

Louis Mendy

Pages No. 4322-4326

Abstract 162  | PDF 91  DOI

Thomas Hardy Reception and Reputaion in China

Chen Zhen

Pages No. 4327-4330

Abstract 123  | PDF 84  DOI

Estimating Louisiana Crawfish Hatchery Production Function: An Application of Cobb-Douglas Production Function

Bukola B. Oluwade, Augustine Adu Frimpong

Pages No. 4331-4336

Abstract 172  | PDF 68  DOI

The impact of Transformational leadership on the organizational innovation

Hend Mohamed Naguib, Abd El-Hamed Mostafa Abou Naem

Pages No. 4337-4343

Abstract 266  | PDF 229  DOI

Effectiveness Cooperative Learning Numbered Heads Together to Improve the Social Skills of Kindergarten’s Student

Raissa Citra Ellena, Dewi Retno Suminar

Pages No. 4344-4349

Abstract 210  | PDF 202  DOI

Acculturation of Language and Culture among Native and Non Native Speakers of Togean in Togean Island Tojo Una Una Central Sulawesi Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Hasanuddin, M.Hum, Prof. Dr. Moon Hidayati Otoluwa, M.Hum

Pages No. 4350-4362

Abstract 152  | PDF 75  DOI

Transformational Leadership and Performance of University Leaders in Aceh: Gender Perspective

Ricky Alfanda, Pratiwi Dwi Suhartanti

Pages No. 4363-4369

Abstract 163  | PDF 91  DOI

Effect of Information Technology, Satisfaction and Motivation to Teacher Performance

Rahmad Wahyudi, Djoko Poernomo, Zarah Puspitaningtyas

Pages No. 4370-4378

Abstract 136  | PDF 122  DOI

Cash Waqf on Organization of Muhammadiyah Area of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra Approach ANP (Analytical Network Process)

Yenni Samri Juliati Nasution, Yasir Nasution, Ahmad Qorib

Pages No. 4379-4382

Abstract 122  | PDF 131  DOI