The purpose of this research is to develop a decent monopoly edugame media product on social arithmetic material with the concept of learning while playing. To support media feasibility, process of media expert validation, material expert validation, teacher response and student trials are conducted. The feasibility assessment includes three aspects: the aspects of media engineering, social communication aspects and learning aspects. The research method used is research and development of R & D, Borg and Gall model that has been modified into five stages consisting of (1) requirement analysis stage, (2) planning stage, (3) early product development stage, (4) validation and trial stage, and (5) final product stage. The results of research and development shows that: Assessment of feasibility in terms of the above three aspects have been obtained percentvage of 90.3%. In accordance with the conversion table of achievement level on a scale of 5, the value is obtained with the qualification of "Very Good". Thus, it can be concluded that the development of monopoly edugame media in this study is "Eligible" to be used as a medium of learning on the social arithmetic material of Junior High School.