Published: 2019-01-30

Temporal analysis of gonorrhoea prevalence rate in females aged 15-49 in Chipinge district, Zimbabwe

Patronellah Nelly Chigugudhlo, Evans Chazireni, Ian Takunda Marufu-Dzangare, Simon Dhleleyeniec

Pages No. 5214-5217

Abstract 266  | PDF 112  DOI

Stack of Dominos Upended: Colombia, Paraguay and Palestine

Sanford R. Silverburg, Angélica Alba Cuéllarb

Pages No. 5218-5220

Abstract 181  | PDF 120  DOI

The Controls of Household Mobility in Enugu Metropolitan Area, Nigeria

Basil U. Eze, Merit T.I

Pages No. 5221-5224

Abstract 210  | PDF 99  DOI

“Edu Game Monopoly” Media Development On Sosial Arithmetic Material Of Junior High School

Umi Chanifah, Iskandar Wiryokusumo, Djoko Adi Walujo

Pages No. 5225-5230

Abstract 334  | PDF 108  DOI

The English Model for Preventing Unfair Terms

Morales, María- Elisa

Pages No. 5231-5238

Abstract 172  | PDF 89  DOI

Globalization and Biodiversity: Issues in Environmental Justice

Akeem Adekunle AMODU Ph.D

Pages No. 5239-5244

Abstract 258  | PDF 110  DOI

A Combination of Learning Strategy and Learning Motivation in Improving the Skills of Descriptive Essay Writing

Mimi Rosadi, Listari .

Pages No. 5245-5248

Abstract 169  | PDF 117  DOI

An Analysis of the Implications of Modernity on Humanity: Developing an Epistemological Framework

Muhammad Junaid Mughal, Nasser Karimian

Pages No. 5249-5255

Abstract 173  | PDF 94  DOI

The Effects of Working Motivation, Individual Characteristics and Working Environment on Employees Job Satisfaction

Wisnu Hardiyanto, Boge Triatmanto, Abdul Manan

Pages No. 5256-5260

Abstract 354  | PDF 126  DOI

Emotional Labor an Antecedent of Employees Turnover: A Study of Flight Attendants

Arooj Kanwal, Tehseen Ajaz2

Pages No. 5261-5264

Abstract 269  | PDF 169  DOI