The main objective of this paper was to look at the impact of Effective Communication on Organizational Performance. The discussion was based on series of empirical studies of communication and organizational performance. The research findings no doubt have validated the synerginous relationship between communication approach and efficient organizational performance. They also recommended that there can still be more room for improvement and consequently better performance if management embraces the following recommendations: More clarity of ideas before attempting to communicate; Better understanding of the physical and human environment when communicating; A thorough analysis of the purpose of communication; In planning communication, consultation should both be top down and bottom up, while all facts are rendered implicit and explicit; Consideration should be given to the content and tone of the messages; Whenever possible, the language or tone should not be only be edifying and elegant, but must be messages the receiver would find valuable; Communication messages that are precise and are of short run often possess long run importance; All stakeholders should be encouraged to be good listeners; Immediate actions must be accompanied and accomplished with communication; and Communication that would be effective require a follow up and effective feedback mechanism process.