The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an electronic system that is used for communication between individuals or groups. ICT has become a powerful driving force of globalization and made continual impact both on the society and on our life. The emergence of novel global economy and the application of ICT provided us new insights in teaching-learning processes and evolved as a part and parcel of the education system. Through ICT, complex processes are made easier to understand and to function as a facilitator of active learning by providing opportunities to access information in abundance using multiple information resources. Moreover, it also helps students in receiving direct information that is updated, timely and reliable. A teacher should also realize the need of presenting different learning experiences in various ways by adopting updated teaching-learning methodologies i.e. ICT. The main focus of this paper is to know the attitude of secondary school teachers’ towards the use of ICT. Our study reveals that teachers approach towards ICT is influenced by gender, course stream as well as teaching experience. This study also finds out that the extended use of ICT equipments enhances the richness and quality of teaching-learning process.