The objective of this study is to describe the creativity problem posing in using “What-If-Not” (WIN) strategy of
student university. This research was conducted in university of jember indonesia. Subjects of this study consisted of 3 students
university of teaching and education faculty, early chilhood education department 6th semester of academic year 2017/2018. We
choose Subject based on ability of learning. This study used a qualitative approach. To achieve the purpose of the study,
researcher gave tests and conducted interviews to the subjects of the research. The test consists of 1 problem on classroom
management issues. The test results were analyzed in accordance with the creativity indicator used in this research that is fluency,
flexibility and originality.In this study fluency is based on the number of questions raised. Flexibility is based on the diversity of
each question posed. Originality is based on the presence or absence of questions raised by one student but not by another
student.The result of the study showed that the creativity problem posing in using WIN strategy is still in medium category.