Published: 2017-08-01

Apposite Model to Improve Mastery of Kinematic Motion Concept for Physics Education Student

Sri Handono Budi Prastowo Budi jatmiko Z.A. Imam Supardi

Pages No. 3703-3707

Abstract 136  | PDF 74  DOI

Community Development Model: The Case Study of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Implementation at Pt Perkebunan Nusantara X Jember

Sukidin Pudjo Suharso

Abstract 132  | PDF 80  DOI

Preparation Analysis of SMA Students in Physics Physics in Dealing with Unbk Year 2017

Singgih Bektiarso1 , Sudarti2 , I Ketut Mahardika3 , A Joko Lesmono , Maryani

Pages No. 3714-3715

Abstract 167  | PDF 123  DOI


Khutobah1 , Nanik Yuliati2 , Deditianti Tri Indriati3 , Saddam Hussen4

Pages No. 3716-3720

Abstract 205  | PDF 184  DOI

Kiran Desai’s the Inheritance of Loss: Perfect synchronization of Indianess interms of Cultural values and Ethics.

Dr. Shradha Srivastava

Pages No. 3721-3723

Abstract 145  | PDF 285  DOI

Challenges of Pragmatics over SFL: A Trans-Disciplinary Contrastive Inquisition into Meaning Processing Fashions via the Lion and the Jewel (Soyinka)

Dr. Patrice Akogbéto Dr. Moustafa Guézohouèzon

Pages No. 3724-3735

Abstract 136  | PDF 117  DOI

Dissonance between Syllabus and Testing: Reason of Weak Efficiency in English at SSC Level.

Bushra Jesmin Trisha, Md.Shaon Akter Iftekhairun Nisa Yusufi3 , Abu Sayeed M Toufiquz Zaman

Pages No. 3736-3738

Abstract 144  | PDF 105  DOI

Energy and Emissions on the African Continent: Can and will the COP21 Treaty be implemented?

Jan-Erik Lane

Pages No. 3739-3749

Abstract 114  | PDF 66  DOI

The Development of Pop-Up Story Book for Improving Language Ability

Nanik Yuliati1*, Suhartiningsih , Luluk Hidayati1

Pages No. 3750-3755

Abstract 135  | PDF DOI

Contribution of Church Missionary Society in Developing Western Education in Kaloleni District in Colonial Kenya (1890-1950): Historical Perspective

Joseph Ogutu Owino1 , Kazungu Joseph Jum , Paul Amolloh Odundo3

Pages No. 3756-3760

Abstract 691  | PDF 2730  DOI

Perceived Job Security and its Effects on Job Performance: Unionized VS. NonUnionized Organizations

Heydy Jimenez1 , Toni Didona2

Pages No. 3761-3767

Abstract 318  | PDF 1510  DOI

Reyog Ponorogo National Festival as the Cultural Conservation Efforts and Character Education for the Younger Generation

Fransisca Ayu Rismayanti1 , Marjono, Nurul Umamah3 and Rully Putri Nirmala Puji4

Pages No. 3768-3773

Abstract 202  | PDF 96  DOI

The Students’ Thinking Process on Mathematics Problem Solving Through Scaffolding

Endah Indriyana1 , Sunardi1 I Made Tirta2

Pages No. 3774-3782

Abstract 158  | PDF 183  DOI

The Analysis of Student’s Creative Thinking Skills in Solving "Rainbow Connection" Problem through Research Based Learning

Hassan Asy Syaibani Dafik2 , Hobri3

Pages No. 3783-3788

Abstract 190  | PDF 165  DOI

Could Occupational Safety and Health Systems Improve Employees' Performance in Arab Nations?

Osama Mohammad Abu Nawwas1 , Tengku Moha Mohammad Mahmoud Alglilat Ahmad Zubaidi A. Latif

Pages No. 3789-3792

Abstract 203  | PDF 76  DOI

Do Occupational Safety and Health Environment Influence Work-Related Risks in Arab World?

Mohammad Mahmoud Alglilat1 , Tengku Moha Osama Mohammad Abu Nawwas3 , Ahmad Zubaidi A. Latif

Pages No. 3793-3796

Abstract 192  | PDF 88  DOI

Shopping Analysis in on Line Shop with Young People

H. Sonny Indrajaya1 , Hapzi Ali2

Pages No. 3797-3802

Abstract 151  | PDF 114  DOI

Function and meaning of “Tolak Bala“(Ward off Misfortune) Ritual in Malay Serdang Indonesia

Sutikno .

Pages No. 3803-3807

Abstract 118  | PDF 137  DOI

The Development of Writing Short Story Teaching Material Based on the Local Wisdom for the Eleventh Grade Students in Situbondo

Sutrisno Gustiraja Alfarizi1 , Arju Muti’ah Endang Sri Widayati

Pages No. 3808-3816

Abstract 218  | PDF 161  DOI

Spatial Intelligence on Solving Three Dimensional Geometry Object Through Project Based Learning

Elly Anjarsari1 , Hobri1 , Muhtadi Irvan2 , Sunardi1

Pages No. 3817-3822

Abstract 168  | PDF 131  DOI

The Effect of Government Expenditures in Education and Health against Human Development Index in Jambi Province

M. Zahari MS, Sudirman

Pages No. 3823-3829

Abstract 119  | PDF 347  DOI

Fluid Dynamic Learning Assisted By Student Worksheet Based Rvm with Setting PBL

I Ketut Mahardika1 , Alex Harijanto2 , Moh Surya Winata

Pages No. 3830-3833

Abstract 139  | PDF 118  DOI

The Social Problems of National Poverty and Criminality in Indonesia

Harneny Pane

Pages No. 3834-3836

Abstract 214  | PDF 259  DOI

Managing Indonesian Banking Competition and Stability of Finance

Rosnawaty Br Bangun Listiorini

Pages No. 3837-3839

Abstract 126  | PDF 3  DOI

The Analyzing of Student’s Lateral Thinking Process in Solving Open Ended Probem of Rectangular and Square Material

Labibah Nilna Faizah1 , Susanto1 , Nanik Yuliati2

Pages No. 3840-3843

Abstract 166  | PDF 12  DOI

The Strategies of Cross-Culture Politeness in the Interaction between MadureseJavanese Parents and Teachers Based on Disciplinary Principle

M. Rus Andianto1 , Arief Rijadi2 Anita Widjajanti3

Pages No. 3844-3849

Abstract 139  | PDF 12  DOI

The Employment of Team Based Learning Model Assisted by Video Media to Increase Learning Performance of Historical Subject

Bambang Soepeno1 , Mohammad Na’im Erva Yuanita3

Pages No. 3850-3855

Abstract 145  | PDF 3  DOI

Effectiveness Module Development: Implementation on Learning History

Arman Situmorang Sri Handayani

Pages No. 3856-3759

Abstract 170  | PDF 7  DOI

The Existence of Seblang Arts as a Culture of “Using” Society

Nur ma'rifa1 , Sugiyanto2 , Marjono3 , Sumarjono

Pages No. 3860-3764

Abstract 203  | PDF 5  DOI

Ecolinguistics Approach for English Learning Activities at Junior High School

Endah Nur Tjendani

Pages No. 3865-3772

Abstract 311  | PDF 10  DOI

MASTER-Assissted Concept Map Strategy in Increasing Activity and Student Learning Outcomes of Mathematics Education,Program in Analytical Geometry Courses (Case study at Faculty of Education and Teacher Training UMSU)

Ellis Mardiana Panggabean

Pages No. 3873-3779

Abstract 180  | PDF 4  DOI

Problem Based Learning Trough Moodle for Increasing Self Regulated Learning Students (Goal Setting and Planing

Lailiyah Maghfiroh 1, Wachju Subchan2 Mochammad Iqbal 3

Pages No. 3880-3787

Abstract 170  | PDF 2  DOI